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Image 31 May

Goodbye SUMMER 2010! You were AWESOME! I’ll miss you!


I’m back and black!

31 May

ALOHA!!! 🙂

I’m back from my summer hiatus, folks! I missed my Tumblog! Today is the last day of summer (at least for me).  Since I’m not a student anymore, the last day of May would be the end of summer.  Besides, it already started raining a couple of days ago. Boo how sad 😦

Wonder why I said “I’m back and black!”? It’s because I’m literally black from all the fun summer escapades!  BORACAY for instance last April 9-12 was hella fun!  Best beach trip so far! Then I visited Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam last April 22-27 with the family. Really cool place with really good food! We also had a couple more beach trips to Batangas after.  So, the result? My ddaarrkk skin!  Oh and I cut my hair too so I should probably update my profile photo.

Anyway, I’ve been busy.  I turned one more year older too last April.  But now, I’m back!

More TUMBLOGS to come! Ciao! 😉