27 Jun

I was browsing through some TV channels this lazy Sunday afternoon and I saw the movie Obsessed (with Beyonce in it) on HBO.  Funny coz I saw it for like the third time this week.  ‘Twas was nothing special but for some reason I find it quite entertaining.  You may think these things are impossible but believe me, this kind of crap happens in real life.  I’m not married, but boy I tell you, I’ve already experienced several relationship attacks!  These are vicious attacks of desperate women – some were even initially friends with us. OH WELL! We’ve really moved forward, so… let’s dump those ugly memories.  Although I have to admit, I still have to be cautious. 😉

Some funny quotes from the movie:

“I was just being nice! I didn’t lead her on.” – Derek Charles

“The Derek I knew told me everything.” – Sharon Charles

‘I didn’t tell you coz I thought it wasn’t a big deal!” – Derek Charles

“I’ll wipe my floor with your skinny little ass!” – Sharon Charles (during cat fight with Lisa the crazy stalker)


Guys, if you’re not single, don’t be “too nice”.  You may have no intention of cheating or leading someone on but most women are very assuming.

Girls (I meant the girlfriends, not the hos), follow your instincts when it comes to other women, they’re usually 90% correct.

Not all women are as crazy as Lisa in the film but A LOT of women would have the same feelings, the execution may vary.


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