Thoughts on FFs

2 Oct

10 Thoughts:

1. All FFs you had before we even met or had a relationship are trusted and respected.

2. BUT all “new” FFs are always questionable.  So give us the right to question.

3. If they are attractive and/or physically your type, then there will be more questioning involved.

4. If they are in a happy relationship and you know their partners, GOOD.  We will be extremely happy too.

Quote AskMen.Com

“There are some girls that you can have as friends without your girlfriend being able to justifiably complain about it. These women include those you were friends with before you got together with your girlfriend and those who are clearly in happy, stable relationships of their own. Also someone you are obviously not attracted to physically.”

5. No special mentions, special treatment, and special attention.  Treat them like your normal guy friends.  No need to impress.

6. We hate it when these FFs act as if they know everything about you – as if they know you even more than we do.

7. Never ever do “our thing”/s with your FFs, even the small petty ones like maybe ice cream Thursdays.  Trust me, it will cause war.

8. If we have something to say about them, never defend them right away.  We may be wrong but allow us to rant.  If we’re proven wrong later on then we’ll accept.

9. Just like #5, no “extra” effort in doing things with FFs.  The word extra is always a bad word when it comes to them.

10. Most of the time jealous fits are caused by impulse and a rage of emotions.  After a while it will be gone and we’ll try to be mature again.  So be patient.


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