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Image 30 Jun

Countdown: 11 days to go! 🙂

Image 29 Jun

Heehee adorable! 🙂

– Self-confessed former GEEK and proud of it

Image 26 Jun

I miss my Wimps 😦

Image 26 Jun

Lunch at Little Tokyo 🙂 Happy Sunday! (Taken with Instagram at Little Tokyo,)

Image 23 Jun

Countdown: 18 days to go!

Image 19 Jun

Lunch buffet at Salt & Pepper. Happy Father’s Day, daddy! (Taken with Instagram at Salt and Pepper Restaurant)

Image 15 Jun

July 15. Let the stalking begin. 🙂

Image 15 Jun

So let’s LOVE and make the world a better place ♥

Image 14 Jun


Image 2 Jun


Unfortunately, many women have forgotten this rule already.

Careful careful, karma’s a bitch when you are! 😉