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Image 20 Aug

Image 20 Aug

I want to travel the world with YOU 🙂

Image 17 Aug

Last Saturday’s TETRAD was yet another epic night! 🙂

Zobel semi reunion, unlimited shots, doing the SwitchSouth sign, fun fun fun! Cheers!

Image 17 Aug

♥ ♥ ♥

Image 15 Aug

🙂 Yes, that boy ♥

Just like her and her and her and her… they all fell in love with him too. I don’t mind though, coz he loves only ME.

Image 8 Aug

The epic night that was. Cheers!

Image 3 Aug

Eeeegghh! Just like my dog ♥

I miss you Obi-Wan!

Image 1 Aug

Last Friday, boyf and I had dinner with some MD friends in Omakase, Greenhills.  Omakase is ♥ and American Dream is ♥!  We were supposed to go to Happy Lemon but parking was full.  So we went to get froyo in Wilson instead.  And we dropped by Cardinal too!  It was a rainy yet fun Friday night. 

Image 1 Aug

It’s been raining almost every day 😦  I don’t like rain.