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Said The Heart’s All Over The World Tonight

16 Feb

So tell me, how did you spend your Valentine’s Day? 🙂

Valentine’s day to me is such a “diverse” occasion.  It is when happy couples celebrate their love by going out on dates and making restaurants rich.  It is when people in love buy flowers, chocolates, gifts, and make business for Hallmark.  It is also a day when self esteem of single women drop to the lowest point.  Moreover a day when single men suddenly get to write bitter songs about their exes.  Sometimes it can a day when married couples fight because the wife expects something from the husband who didn’t even remember what date it was.  So yeah, just like any normal day, it really depends on how you want to spend it. 

Being the romantic that I am (yes I’d like to think that), I would prefer to celebrate love and join the bandwagon.  There’s nothing wrong with being a little cheesy sometimes.  However, I’d like to draw the line please.  I don’t like giant teddy bears and bouquets made of Ferrero Rocher.  I don’t like hiked-up “special” dinners in fancy restaurants with free heart giveaways.  I don’t like strangers paid by my boyfriend serenading me in my house or in my office.  I like celebrating the day of love with simple yet sweet gestures that I will enjoy with my loved one.  Luckily, my fiance and I have the same taste.  He knows me well and he likes sweet simple things too.  YAY! 🙂

So here goes my Valentine date this year…

Since Tuesday is a workday, the fiance picked me up from work.  There was a pretty bouquet of red roses at the backseat for me.  Yay! 🙂  So we headed to Alabang – the chillest place in Manila I’d like to think.  I got in their home and greeted his parents who were still there but about to leave as well for their date.  Gabby our little munchkin brother told me to stay in the living room while they “prepare some things”.  Nosey me couldnt help it so I took a peek at the kitchen.  Saw that it has been invaded by a jedi.  Haha!  Then I was told to wait by the pool…

Lookie lookie!  The fiance had set-up a romantic candle-lit dinner table right beside the pool.  Aww… My heart melted already. 🙂  There were also floating candles on the pool itself. PRETTY.  I waited.  I heard sweet music starting to play and enjoyed the cool February breeze.

And then…DINNER IS SERVED.  I already knew beforehand that he was going to cook for me and I was overly excited!  Imagine, my adorable med student/almost doctor fiance who has never in his entire 25 years of existence stayed in the kitchen and cooked a single dish, now cooked a four-course meal for us!  Eeeeghh! He said he watched Jamie Oliver Youtube videos before gracing the kitchen haha cute. 🙂 I just couldn’t wait to try it. 

Here comes the fooooood!  Guess what he prepared…  Pumpkin soup, Chicken Ceasar Salad with Bacon, Steak Ala Paolo, and Vanilla Ice Cream with Nutella & Chocnut!  Good choice of menu for someone who hasn’t cooked ever in his life.  (Whispers: I guess doctors really like to challenge themselves haha)

 The moment of truth has arrived – tasting time. 

We were munching our food and all we could do is joke repeatedly “mmm…who knew” munch munch “mmm…who knew” munch munch. Haha!  WHO KNEW indeed.  Who knew that the inexperienced kitchen-oblivious fastfood-loving doctor can actually cook.  Everything tasted goooood.  I didn’t know what to say, really.  Everything was perfect.  🙂

I absolutely enjoyed my Valentine’s date this year.  I hope you all did too.  🙂 CHEERS TO LOVE! 

Abby Wasabi


Hello, Goodbye

14 Feb

Hola! 🙂

Attachment.       I’ve been having sort of a hard time wirting in this new blog of mine because I’m still attached to my old one.  I’ve always been the type who gets sentimental and easily attached to something or someone.  I’m trying my best to focus and I think I’m slowly getting there. 

See you later.       It’s sad that I’m saying goodbye to my old blog because I have a lot of memories there but this is for the best!  New blog, new life, new beginnings! 🙂  I’m still keeping it alive though.  See you next time, TUMBLOG! 🙂

P.S.  Happy Valentine’s Day everyone!!! Spread the love (couples), keep the love (married), and don’t give up on love (single)! ♥

Abby Wasabi


Dessert Locale

8 Feb

Who hasn’t tried Chocnut?  If you haven’t, well, you’re probably not Filipino, you probably don’t like sweet yummy things, and yes you are missing half of your life! 

I love love love Chocnut!  It’s the best locally produced chocolate/candy ever! Chocnut has been a favorite by many for so many years already, I think it was there even before I was born.  And ’til today, it never fails to please.  Seriously, do yourself a favor and try it.

Mantecado plus Chocnut Combo

Mantecado Chocnut Combo

Tonight I had Arce Dairy’s Mantecado Ice Cream (vanilla) topped with my favorite Chocnut.  And just like that, I am a happy kid all over again. 🙂

Sweet Toothie,

Abby Wasabi


8 Feb

I am inspired.  That’s the reason why this Wasabi Doodles wordpress blog exists.

I’m inspired because . . .

(1) I have a new Macbook Pro which I bought as a gift for myself last Christmas YAY!

(2) I saw a lot of friends creating personal blogs.  I have my old tumblr blog ( but it seems a little lacking? Aww sad for Tumbly 😦

(3) I just got engaged and I feel like my life is about to change in a year.  I’ve got the urge to do something, write about things, share. YES I AM ENGAGED 🙂

So there.  HELLO blog world!  I hope I’d be able to maintain this.  For now, bear with me as I share some snippets of my sweet and sometimes spicy chronicles of life.



Abby Wasabi

Image 7 Feb

It does. ♥

Image 6 Feb


Image 6 Feb

Craving for H&E Eggs Ben for breakfast on a Monday morning (Taken with instagram)

Image 6 Feb

Saw this sexy Dodge Challenger parked in church last night. (I have a thing for manly cars) 🙂 (Taken with instagram)

Image 3 Feb


Wee! ♥ ♥ ♥

Image 2 Feb

Hello, February! 🙂

Wow! I can’t believe January’s over!  It was such a life-changing month, a perfect way to begin my year.  I am looking forward to all the exciting things the coming months have in store for me.

Cheers to the month of L♥VE!