Hello, Goodbye

14 Feb

Hola! 🙂

Attachment.       I’ve been having sort of a hard time wirting in this new blog of mine because I’m still attached to my old one.  I’ve always been the type who gets sentimental and easily attached to something or someone.  I’m trying my best to focus and I think I’m slowly getting there. 

See you later.       It’s sad that I’m saying goodbye to my old blog because I have a lot of memories there but this is for the best!  New blog, new life, new beginnings! 🙂  I’m still keeping it alive though.  See you next time, TUMBLOG! 🙂

P.S.  Happy Valentine’s Day everyone!!! Spread the love (couples), keep the love (married), and don’t give up on love (single)! ♥

Abby Wasabi


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