5 Mar

Anyone who knows me would agree that I am a woman with huge appetite and passion for food.  I love to eat eat eat, try new dishes, experiment in cooking, go back a zillion times to old time favorites, and anything about food just excites me.  So please, bear with me when most of my posts are about food okay? 😉  Happy drooling!

A few weeks ago, I went out with a couple of good friends and decided to have dinner at SutrA(Yes, that’s a capital A and not a typographical error.  I have yet to figure out why the letter A is capitalized.) SutrA is a relatively new restaurant-bar at Bonifacio High Street Central – the new area where Jamba Juice is located.  If I’m not mistaken, it opened around December 2011.  It has a modern elegant facade which kind of spells “pricey” but don’t get intimidated.  I prefered al fresco dining by the balcony area outside the resto while enjoying the beautiful lights and view of BGC.  I’m not sure if that’s ideal come summertime though.

SutrA @ BGC

What was on my table?  I ordered Sole Fillet Roulade with Crabmeat Stuffing, Linguini Pesto, Brocolli, and Salsa Vera Cruz.  Sounds mouth watering? INDEED IT WAS! *drool drool drool*

The fish was so soft, juicy, and cooked perfectly! It melted in my mouth mmm…  I love crabs and the crab stuffing was perfectly seasoned with the right seafood taste.  It came oozing out of the juicy fish like a treasure in every bite.  At the bottom of the Sole Fillet was the Linguini pesto which was perfectly cooked as well.  I like how the pesto was light and not too garlic-y so it balances the dish.  The pieces of Brocolli were all fresh and crisp and the salsa vera cruz infused a nice sweet-sour contrast to the savory dish.  I was so happy with it!  I think I finished it in five minutes. 🙂 *Nomnomnom*

I’ve heard others say that SutrA’s food is too pricey but I don’t think it is.  Prices of SutrA’s dishes are definitely a tad higher than your usual weekend dining but I think you get your money’s worth and that’s what’s important.  For my dish, I shelled out PHP475 (not inclusive of tax and service charge). See, not bad huh.  For the way it was cooked and presented, PHP475 is just right and I didn’t feel like I was robbed.  I don’t mind spending a little more than usual as long as I get my money’s worth. 

So for all of you fellow food lovers out there, give SutrA a try the next time you go to BGC.  Trust me, it’s worth a try! 😉

Happy Tummy,

Abby Wasabi


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