Nerdy Nails

14 Mar

Last weekend, my Aunt brought home some stuff from the States.  She’ll be selling some items but mom and I got first dibs.  Talk about temptation huh.  There were bags, makeup, perfume, and other assorted items.  Out of all the tempting stuff, this caught my attention.  I was surprised to find this in her stash!


TADA!  NERDS scented nail polish!  Sorry but it’s my first time to see such cuteness.  They probably have a lot of these in the U.S. but i really didn’t know they had NERDS polish. Sheesh I might end up eating my nails if I use these.  They really really smell like candy.  The box comes with three flavors/scents – strawberry, grape, and orange.  Colors are so bright and candy-like too!

Should I give it a try?  What do you think? 🙂

I’ll let you know if it’s any good!


Happy Nail Biting,

♥ Abby Wasabi


One Response to “Nerdy Nails”

  1. pearlessence March 15, 2012 at 3:23 AM #

    LOL cute! Except I’d be more tempted to eat candy 😛

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