16 Mar

I was never a beer drinker.  Yes, I drink alcohol, and there might have been a couple of times when I drank a lot (especially during special occasions  heehee 🙂 SHH), but I choose liquor over beer. 

Drinking beer makes me feel bloated so I don’t like it that much.  Although I like trying out different brands of beer once in a while just for the sake of trying.  Aside from my fascination on trying out new things, I find beer with weird names and cool packaging attractive.  Then when I don’t like it, I give it to my boyfriend.  Haha! 🙂 

[ SIDE TIP: You can find a great collection of imported beer at The Distillery in Burgos Circle Bonifacio Global City& The Distillery in Jupiter Makati ]

So last week, I went to The Keg (The Fort Strip, Bonifacio Global City) with some college friends for a couple of drinks.  I saw flavored beer in the menu!  I instantly found it interesting.  One’s Kiwi flavored and one’s Strawberry flavored.  Guess what I chose to order…


Obviously, the redness of the photo shows I ordered the Strawberry flavor.  Haha! 🙂  I was surprised to find out that the Strawberry beer is locally-produced.  It’s from the big and famous San Miguel but not sold in normal retail outlets.  Not sure if it’s just new or exclusive to that bar.  Anyway, it came in an SMB beer mug so it kinda looked funny like Kool Aid in a macho mug. 🙂

It was sweet and fruity as expected, true to it’s strawberry flavor.  It almost tasted like juice so I was scared I might finish the whole mug in just a few minutes.  You can only taste the beer a few seconds after you swallow.  A little hint of bitterness there.  Overall, I think it’s beer for girls.  I’m sure you won’t see men drinking this.  At least not in public. 🙂

So that’s it for my StrawBEERY surprise.


♥ Abby Wasabi


One Response to “StrawBEERy”

  1. maoi March 16, 2012 at 5:06 PM #

    The strawberry beer sounds… very intelesting – and its locally brewed! Just curious about the alcohol content (hopefully they have it on strong beer mode!)

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