Post Magnum Craze

20 Mar

So now that the Magnum craze has started to die down, I decide to blog about it.  Sorry I’m weird that way. 🙂

Anyhow, a few months ago, Manila was clamored by intense advertising of this new chocolate ice cream bar – Selecta’s Magnum.  Everyone on the social networks such as Twitter and Facebook have been going crazy over it and as usual, it led us curious Filipinos wanting to try it.  For several days, 7-11 and Mini Stop were packed with excited buyers looking for Magnum and there even were times when it has been out of stock.  Lucky for me, I didn’t have a hard time finding one.

Magnum has three variants:  Classic, Almond, and Chocolate Truffle.  Without even thinking, I already knew that Chocolate Truffle was the one for me.  True enough, I found it the most delicious of all three.

The Classic Magnum was the first one I got to try because Chocolate Truffle was out of stock then.  It was good.  Nothing extraordinary though.  True to it’s name, it was classic – smooth, sweet, with plain chocolate coating and vanilla ice cream inside.  There are cheaper alternatives to the Classic Magnum such as the Dairy Queen ice cream bar so having it priced at 60 bucks might not be such a good idea.

Now onto my favorite flavor!  Chocolate Truffle flavor did not fail my tastebuds.  It was very creamy, very rich in flavor and you can really taste the dark chocolate truffles melting in your mouth.  The sweetness is just right and not overpowering.  Now this one is worth my 60 bucks.  🙂

What about you?  Which Magnum have you tried?

Kudos to the marketing strategy of Magnum for creating such a huge hype in Manila for a simple product every Filipino loves – ice cream!  I just hope they’re able to sustain it.



Always A Sweet Tooth,

♥ Abby Wasabi


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