Snacking Around

24 Mar

One fine afternoon before the fiancé left for L.A., we had the whole day to ourselves… watched a movie, went window shopping, and what’s a usual day at the mall without some afternoon snacks.

Since both Fianch and I are born Southerners, the usual hangout place would be of course, Alabang Town Center.  I’m so happy with all the new shops, the new look.  Such a huge improvement!  It now looks like a combination of Greenbelt and Bonifacio Highstreet.  Hooray for Southerners! 🙂

We passed by the Healthy Options store and got a can of a new favorite soda then lounged at the newly-opened Krispy Kreme for some snacks.

We enjoyed our Four-Cheese Pull Apart (no we did not get donuts because we wanted something savory) paired with Blue Sky Cherry Vanilla Creme soda. 🙂  The Pull Apart was perfectly crispy and cheesy.  You gotta have it while it’s warm.  It actually reminded me of cheese soufflé but crispier.  The soda on the other hand was light, sweet, and fruity – just the right amount of sweetness since it’s from Healthy Options.  Also, it’s fruity but not citrus-y, not sure if you can tell the difference, but yeah.  Cherry and vanilla mmm perfect combination! Light and happy snack it was!  We had to save some space for his thanksgiving dinner!  🙂


Happy Snacker,

♥ Abby Wasabi


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