First of Summer: The Lakehouse

9 Apr


Where did you spend your five-day vacation?  Here’s how mine went:

Maundy Thursday, we drove off to Tagaytay.  Guess what, traffic was terrible!  The usual 1 or 1.5 hour drive became 3 hours!  Too much people were doing their Visita Iglesia in the area.  Thank goodness for delicious lunch at Buon Giorno, Cliffhouse.  I’m so happy that I was able to find 2 churches for my wedding and also got to finalize the venue.  Yay!  When we got back, we heard mass and went to confession.  Such an amazing peaceful feeling after a good confession.  Thank you, God for your mercy. 🙂

Good Friday was spent at home and in the church.  We heard mass at 3:00pm to commemorate Jesus’ sacrifice for us with Veneration of the Cross.  It was one of the longest mass celebrations I’ve attended.  My parents always taught us to meditate during Good Fridays and not do anything “fun”.  Just one day for Jesus.  It won’t hurt.

We left for Clark in the morning of Black Saturday for our first summer getaway of the year.  We stayed until Easter Sunday and enjoyed ourselves until we’re now sunburnt and toasted!  The place I’d love to call The Lakehouse (but it’s actually Clearwater Resort and Country Club) is an exclusive place that was about a 3-hour drive from Manila via NLEX.  I immediately admired the sprawling lush greens.  Huge trees and lovely terrain!  The lake was stunning especially during the morning (sunrise) and in the afternoon (sunset).  Plus our log house had a balcony that was facing it directly.  Perfect!

We went biking, boating, fishing, and swimming!  There are so many activities to do so one day is not enough.  The only thing missing is the sea – an actual beach.  If they had one you’d probably find me here every weekend.  Planning to go back here when the weather is cooler but not rainy.  Who wants to come?

HAPPY EASTER everyone!  There’s one more day left of our vacation… let’s make the most out of it! 🙂



Sunburnt and Toasted,

♥ Abby Wasabi


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