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Manila Goes Gaga

31 May

Five reasons why Manila went gaga over Gaga:

(1)   CONTROVERSY.  This I have to say can be considered one of the most controversial concerts ever held in Manila.  With all the anti-Christ issues (hence the Church wanting to ban it) and rallies of moral groups even, it has been talked about for weeks.  Celebrities, public figures, and even common citizens had their own varying opinions about it so naturally, it got sensationalized.  Good for Lady Gaga because ‘cos bad publicity is still publicity.  Controversy = Popularity.

(2)   CURIOSITY.   In relation to the first reason, controversy led people to become more curious about the concert.  Even the non-fans became interested, wanting to have a glimpse of what the fuss was all about.  Even I can be classified as one of the curious cats.

(3)   NEW ARENA.   As if all the publicity was not enough, Lady Gaga’s concert was the first event held at the newest concert venue in Manila and it kept the fans and non-fans even more curious.  The SM Arena is one of the biggest structures built in the Mall Of Asia Complex and we all wanted to see how it looked like for the first time.  Personally, I found it nice and huge but a bit over rated and lacked the wow factor.  I guess I expected too much ‘cos of the hype and all.  Well, according to the management, it’s still not a hundred percent done so maybe it will have that wow factor when it’s completed.  Looking forward to watching the UAAP games here! 🙂

(4)   PRODUCTION.   Lady Gaga’s concerts are known to have all-out super grand production designs…this one’s no exception.  It had an awesome set with really modern lighting.  Main set was a huge castle/kingdom which looked very tedious to set up.  She had her talented backup performers who were very good dancers.  Special effects were cool, up to date, and it really had the works!  Of course, Lady Gaga won’t be Lady Gaga without the outrageous dance moves and avant-garde outfits.  The whole experience was like watching a grand musical, Grammy awards, Cirque Du Soleil, and a burlesque strip show altogether in one night.  If I paid for my ticket (but I’m glad I didn’t), I think I’d be happy to be getting my money’s worth. P.S. Thank you, Debbie, for the free Patron tickets.

(5)   MUSIC & ENTERTAINMENT.  No matter how weird and “evil” they say she is, Lady Gaga is an ultimate performer.  She sings well, she dances well, she can play instruments, she engages people (especially gays haha).  Though I’m really not a fan, I appreciate her as an artist.  I may not agree with her “values” but her talent is unquestionable.  Her music may not be that “inspiring” to me (especially that song Judas) but I was entertained!  It would be a lie to say I didn’t enjoy the show.  It was entertaining to say the least.

Here are a few photos I took from the concert:

Just for the record, I completely understand the priests and devout Catholics who have violent reactions against Lady Gaga and her concert.  There is definitely a lot of sex, violence, and blasphemy.  I heard Jesus’ name several times.  However, we cannot stop her from performing because she is an artist.  Her expression of art may be different but we have to accept that not everyone will have the same level of respect we have for our faith and values.  This doesn’t just apply to artists. Take for example our Muslim or Buddhist brothers and sisters.  They have very “strange” beliefs and practices compared to ours but we shouldn’t judge and condemn them.  Everything depends on the person. We have to give ourselves some credit and believe that our values will not change by merely watching a two-hour concert.  🙂

Let’s try to be open-minded without comporomising our values. 🙂


Gone Gaga for a day,

Abby Wasabi


Calypso Pink

30 May

Hooray I finally got to buy a case for my iPad last night! 🙂

Here it is, a Calypso Pink (yeah that’s the color according to the box and the sales lady ) Targus slim fit case. Aside from its aesthetic attractiveness which caught my eye, it’s slim, which matches my main requirement. No bulky cases please. The material is very nice too. More than that, it can stand, it’s also a smart cover (turns on when you open turns off when you close) and it has a stylus holder. Ain’t she a catch? 🙂


I bought Calypso for P1,999 from the Power Mac Center in Greenbelt, Makati. Get yours now! Although, I think I bought the last piece, sorry! They have more stocks of other colors. 🙂

From Chelsea my iPad,
Abby Wasabi

Sale Alert: Open Box Gadgets and Electronics

28 May

Was parking in Makati this morning and saw this. Mom said her friend got to buy a huge-ass plasma TV last year for a very very low price! Fifty percent off is definitely not a measly amount especially if you’re really planning on buying a gadget or electronic item. Have a look at those HD TVs for sale!


They have Samsung, Sony, even Apple products! Im definitely dropping by. See you there!

Sale is located at Solid House, Pasong Tamo Extension, Makati

Happy shopping!!!

Shopping Bad Influence,
Abby Wasabi

Missing HK

22 May

As I was browsing thru my photos I just realized that I haven’t blogged about my last trip to Hongkong!!! How can that be? I love that city so much that I go twice a year. 🙂 I hope I have time to write about that trip last February cos there was just so much to share!

In the meantime, I will save up for the super sale this June-July. Yes, I am going there again. Can’t get enough of Hongkie indeed.


See you soon, favorite Asian city! 🙂

Loving Hongkie Forever,
Abby Wasabi

Going Gaga

21 May

So who’s watching the much talked about Lady Gaga concert tonight?

I’m watching tomorrow thanks to my fairy godmother for the patron tickets 🙂

Let’s see how it goes!


P.S. I am tweeting from my new iPad 🙂

Abby Wasabi

Wine Nights

20 May

Last Thursday, we met up with our dear friends Poxy and Mela for a “double date”. 🙂 We chose Beso Cucina Vinoteka for some tapas y vino (appetizers and wine). Of course we ended up ordering more than just tapas. We tried the paella as well. Glad that the food didn’t fail to please. 🙂

The croquettas were absolutely yummy! Order the Jamon, Chicken, and Machego Crquettas. Too bad it costs P410 for 8 pieces, too pricey. Fianch wanted the <All Meat Paella and it was very tasty as well. Nomnom happy tummies 🙂



It’s always nice to have mature conversations with friends. Top that with the lovely ambiance of Bonifacio Highstreet Central, candlelit Spanish bar-resto set up, and good food and drinks, and it’s sure to be a lovely night. 🙂


Til next time amigo, amiga!

Mucho Amor,

Abby Wasabi

The Cut

12 May

I cut my hair today!!!  YUP, the long locks have been chopped off.  I’ve been wanting to get a haircut since three months ago but I didn’t have time AND I was still too attached to my long long wavy hair.  Yesterday, I finally decided to go thru with it and tada! Now…it’s really short and I am sooo anxious, nervous, and panicking.  😦

Thoughts:  Oh dear I haven’t had my hair this short since fourth year college.  What if my face looks huge and round?  WHAT IF IT DOES NOT GROW LONG ENOUGH ON MY WEDDING DAY???

Plus Points:  Well my parents loved it. My fiancé too!  And friends say it’s nice and “elegant” looking.  It feels light and fresh, plus it’s low maintenance.  Damaged tresses were chopped off too so I’m looking forward to healthier hair.

Minus Points: Aside from this cut and perm costing me 10 effin’ grand (darn those pretty Koreans of my favorite Korean salon), it’s too short!  I told them I want it shoulder lenght!  It really scares me that it might not grow long enough in time for my wedding next year. 😦

I really hope it grows fast enough….  According to my reseearch it should grow about 5 inches by then.  I need more than 5 inches so I might have to look for hair growers haha!

In the meantime, I shall enjoy this light, young, freshshorty” hair. 🙂

Your Shorty,

♥ Abby Wasabi

Boracay 2012

5 May

SUN, SAND, SEA, FRIENDS… Summer won’t be complete without a trip to Boracay. ☀

We spent five days soaking up the sun in our favorite beach party capital – the famous Boracay Island.  It was last April 29 to May 3!  Uh huh, that’s right, LABOR DAY WEEKEND – the weekend where fun and crazy festivities happen.  We saw lots of friends there as usual.  And it was hella fun indeed! 🙂

The first two days were the “wild ones”.  (Cue in music, ♬ “Hey I heard you were a wild one”♬) Parties here and there, happy hour madness everywhere.  Fine DJs, Booze bath (yes booze bath!), Celebrities showing off.  BEACH PARTY at it’s finest right there.

The last three days were the more relaxing ones.  Less people, less parties, more R&R… More eating too of course haha! Who would miss the famous fruit shakes (Jony’s vs. Jonah’s), the all-time favorite Two Seasons pizza, etc.  Beer and fries while sunbathing and waiting for the sun to set… Fianch and I just simply enjoyed the beautiful scenery, swimming in the warm and clear beach, fattening ourselves with the yummy food, and taking photos of the picturesque sunsets. ♥

I had an awesome time and it was the best summer trip to date!  Can’t wait for next year! 🙂

Sunkissed And Lovin’ It,

♥ Abby Wasabi