Boracay 2012

5 May

SUN, SAND, SEA, FRIENDS… Summer won’t be complete without a trip to Boracay. ☀

We spent five days soaking up the sun in our favorite beach party capital – the famous Boracay Island.  It was last April 29 to May 3!  Uh huh, that’s right, LABOR DAY WEEKEND – the weekend where fun and crazy festivities happen.  We saw lots of friends there as usual.  And it was hella fun indeed! 🙂

The first two days were the “wild ones”.  (Cue in music, ♬ “Hey I heard you were a wild one”♬) Parties here and there, happy hour madness everywhere.  Fine DJs, Booze bath (yes booze bath!), Celebrities showing off.  BEACH PARTY at it’s finest right there.

The last three days were the more relaxing ones.  Less people, less parties, more R&R… More eating too of course haha! Who would miss the famous fruit shakes (Jony’s vs. Jonah’s), the all-time favorite Two Seasons pizza, etc.  Beer and fries while sunbathing and waiting for the sun to set… Fianch and I just simply enjoyed the beautiful scenery, swimming in the warm and clear beach, fattening ourselves with the yummy food, and taking photos of the picturesque sunsets. ♥

I had an awesome time and it was the best summer trip to date!  Can’t wait for next year! 🙂

Sunkissed And Lovin’ It,

♥ Abby Wasabi


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