The Cut

12 May

I cut my hair today!!!  YUP, the long locks have been chopped off.  I’ve been wanting to get a haircut since three months ago but I didn’t have time AND I was still too attached to my long long wavy hair.  Yesterday, I finally decided to go thru with it and tada! Now…it’s really short and I am sooo anxious, nervous, and panicking.  😦

Thoughts:  Oh dear I haven’t had my hair this short since fourth year college.  What if my face looks huge and round?  WHAT IF IT DOES NOT GROW LONG ENOUGH ON MY WEDDING DAY???

Plus Points:  Well my parents loved it. My fiancé too!  And friends say it’s nice and “elegant” looking.  It feels light and fresh, plus it’s low maintenance.  Damaged tresses were chopped off too so I’m looking forward to healthier hair.

Minus Points: Aside from this cut and perm costing me 10 effin’ grand (darn those pretty Koreans of my favorite Korean salon), it’s too short!  I told them I want it shoulder lenght!  It really scares me that it might not grow long enough in time for my wedding next year. 😦

I really hope it grows fast enough….  According to my reseearch it should grow about 5 inches by then.  I need more than 5 inches so I might have to look for hair growers haha!

In the meantime, I shall enjoy this light, young, freshshorty” hair. 🙂

Your Shorty,

♥ Abby Wasabi


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