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Big ‘N Tasty

27 Jun

It’s not BIGGER than the BIG MAC but it’s definitely BIG ‘N TASTY! 🙂

McDonald’s did it again.  Big hype on their Big ‘N Tasty burger and the crowd was big and crazy.  Well it’s not like they need to market heavily.  People flock to McDonald’s even without the heavy advertising because McDo will always be the go-to fast food chain (at least for me). All the more when there’s something new!

Like the Magnum craze, my Twitter feed got bombarded by all the Big ‘N Tasty tweets.  Everyone raved about the new burger in town and left us foodies curious.  Who wouldn’t get tempted to try it?


Soooo was it really BIG AND TASTY?  Yes, it was!  Although like I said, it’s not as big as my other favorite, the good ‘ol Big Mac, but big enough to fill my big hungry tummy. 🙂  It was as tasty as I liked it to be.  Slightly sweet thanks to the special dressing, packed with veggies, and with the signature Mcdo juicy pattie.  For me it was like the eldest daughter of the Big Mac and Quarter Pounder when they got married.  It had the combined manliness of the Quarter Pounder’s big pattie and girliness of Big Mac’s veggies and tangy sweet sauce.  I liked it! 🙂

Too bad my boyfriend didn’t enjoy it as much as I did.  He finished his burger of course.  It wasn’t bad but he still prefers the traditional Quarter Pounder.  He said it was too “sweet and girly” for his taste. 

I’d still recommend that you try it and see/taste for yourself.  Add ketchup or hot sauce if you want to vary the taste.  I’m definitely eating more of this.  Thanks, McDo! 🙂



McDo Girl Since Childhood,
Abby Wasabi


Little Girl

25 Jun

Welcome to the Christian world and welcome to the family, Gabrielle Marie Onglao Sarte! 🙂

Last Saturday was the baptism of my niece and new godchild, baby Gabe. She was such a cute and pleasant baby she didn’t cry the entireeee time. Can’t wait to buy pretty little dresses for her! 🙂

Baptism was held at Christ the King in Greenmeadows and merienda followed at Blufrog, Silvercity.


Congratulations again to my cousin Kuya Paulo and his lovely wife Ate Rona!

Kid Lover,
Abby Wasabi

A Lovely Night

19 Jun

Love makes me rhyme!  Releasing the inner poet! I’m corny that way. Sorry, but you’ll have to bear with me for a while here…


The cool blown wind on your sweet face

The lingering of the wine’s spiced sweet taste

On the lush green gardens of a beautiful home

We sipped our wine as the moon’s light shone


Served with cheese platters, cold cuts, grapes

Hoping they delighted your tummy and taste

With the blue pool waves by our garden’s side

‘Twas like an evening at the beach one spring night


Ladies’ pretty dresses made the surroundings bloom even more

It was my spring in rainy season, God allowed it for

The showering halted as soon as we began our merriment

Rain only poured after, truly the night was heaven sent


Cheerful laughters and genuine friends happy for us

No better way to celebrate than the night that was

From the bottom of our hearts, we thank all who came

It was one lovely night we’ll remember all our days

Engagement Party from Vimeo.

Giddy with Love,

♥ Abby Wasabi

Goodies from the Hongks

14 Jun

These were some of the goodies I bought from my trip to Hongkong last February… And I am just sooo excited to be coming back in 15 days for the super sale! YAAYY! 🙂 Can’t wait!


As you can see I bought mostly food. I wasn’t able to shop a lot last February except for the usual H&M and Cotton On purchases. It wasn’t a shopping trip anyway and more of a “food-trip-enjoying-winter-with-boyfriend” kind of trip. 🙂

Will share my shopping adventure next month. Bye for now!

Too excited,

Abby Wasabi

Freedom Day

13 Jun

Happy Independence Day, Philippines!

Let us free ourselves from crime and corruption.

Today is a Holiday! Woohoo! What did you do today? 🙂

– – – – – – – – – – – – – –

I’m ending my Holiday with a post about my brother’s birthday. Of course it’s about food again. Sorry but you’ll have to bear with the foodie posts of a hungry girl. 🙂

Last Friday, June 8 was my brother’s birthday. We celebrated by…take a guess. Duh, eating! Haha! What better way to enjoy a wide array of dishes than eating at a buffet? Eat All You Can or Smorgasbord so to speak. So, brother dear chose our current default buffet place, Vikings.

It’s my third time to eat at Vikings Luxury Buffet and it still did not fail to please my taste buds and tummy. For a measly amount of PHP899 compared to five star hotel buffets that would cost you around PHP1,500++ and above per head (without the drinks yet), you get to enjoy a wide variety of cuisines.

There’s a Chinese station with all kinds of dimsum.


There’s a Japanese station (my favorite) with all kinds of fresh sashimi, maki, sushi, and tempura. Look how colorful and pretty the station looks!


There’s also a salad bar where you can choose from a lot of ingredients for your own salad depending on your personal preference. Bacon bits and croutons? They have it. Choose your dressing too.


There’s a station with American dishes like the super delicious Fish and Chips and Truffle mash. There’s Spanish with Callos, Lengua etc. And even Italian with Pizza, Pasta, Canneloni.

(Sorry no photo)

There were so many good appetizers which would immediately fill the tummy. Plus you can order grilled skewers and seafood such as Oysters, Crabs, and Shrimps.


To top that all off would be the Carving Station with really good Tenderloin Steaks and Lamb Chops which you can all customize according to your tummy’s desire.

Oh wait there’s more! Their Dessert Station apart from having the usual pastries and cakes, has Fondue and Unlimited Frozen Yogurt and Ice Cream! They also have a very cute Cotton Candy Station where you have to choose a candy and just drop it on the machine.


To make it even more satisfying, even their drinks are bottomless and included in the buffet! You can choose from various soda, to all kinds of juices, to sago gulaman, aaaannnd…even beer and sake! Wow!


Yes, that’s right. Talk about VALUE FOR MONEY. You really get your money’s worth and so much more.

And hey, their food’s quality is okay! Unlike other affordable buffets, they have very good food and they always refill.

You have to try it here. And don’t forget to make reservations because they’re ALWAYS full. 🙂

Forever Hungry,
Abby Wasabi

Cue Modern Barbecue

11 Jun

Hi friends! I hope you all enjoyed your weekend! 🙂

Can’t get over the delicious burger and huge slab of ribs from Cue last Thursday!!! Looking at the photos made me drool.

We decided to have dinner there after meeting up with our condo agent friends. The fiancé and I are thinking of buying a condo unit from Alveo (Ayala Land) and it was well indeed a productive meeting. 🙂 One bedroom unit please… Hoping for the best!

Anyway, back to the food. It was a Thursday night but Cue was packed! I can already imagine the line on weekends. It’s a newly opened resto at the awesome Bonifacio Highstreet Central. The ambiance was okay but not quite for dating. The crowd was composed of mostly yuppies eating out after work. That’s okay ‘cos we were really just after the food anyway. Haha!  And knowing us, we can consider the simplest things to be good dates. (Aww cheesy) 🙂


Look at the fiance’s delicious juicy burger! YUM! He finished it in less than 5 minutes haha!  It was medium so you can still see some pink but their meat was fresh so no problemo!  I had a bite and it yes it was juicy and tasty! 🙂


Now here is my half slab of Baby Back Ribs 🙂 The side of onion rings were to die for! Crispy, thin, and full of flavor!  The ribs were delicious too but I think I’ve tasted better ribs sorry.  You have two options upon ordering – you can have it either dry or wet and I chose wet ‘cos I like my ribs saucy and juicy not dry.  Doneness was just right and the flavor was sweet, not bad at all! 🙂


We’ll definitely be back to try more of their dishes!  Maybe we’ll bring the yuppie friends.


Happy tummy,
Abby Wasabi

Philippine Fashion Week May 2012

7 Jun

Attended the Philippine Fashion Week Holiday 2012 again last May thanks to my designer friends for the invites.  🙂  I like watching the PFW shows because I enjoy appreciating our talented local designers as they showcase their interesting collections.

These were the shows I got to watch:

VISIONS AND TRENDS featuring Happy Andrada, Jan Garcia, Oz Go, Regine Dulay, Russell Villafuerte

READY TO WEAR COLLECTION featuring Dave Ocampo, Emi Alexander Englis, Harley Ruedas, Jian Lasala, John Guarnes, Mike Lavarez, Nixon Marquez

Brought my friends Fin & Tib with me.  Thanks to the manong bouncer who allowed me to bring them in without having to register. Apparently he thought I was some sort of VIP.  Heehee thanks I’m flattered. 🙂

(L-R: Fin, Tib, Abby) Dress by Efren Ocampo, Belt from Hongkong, Shoes from Celine

I fell in love with Dave Ocampo‘s collection… His creations were so ethereal, flowy, and enchanting.  The cuts of the dresses were so sexy but still pretty and chic, and the fabric he used was so on the body and expensive-looking.  The color palette was also so lovely!  I wanted to buy everything! 🙂  I’m definitely going to Dave Ocampo’s shop one of these days.

Happy Andrada‘s collection is of course one of the unusual ones.  Her creations are always unique, modern, “loud”.  I think I can describe her as playful and she really loves to experiment.  I’ve modeled one of her pieces before and I already knew that her designs were meant to stand out.  I was quite surprised though that she chose white as her palette and not something colorful.  Well it didn’t really stop her from going avant-garde.

Watching Jian Lasala‘s collection is always pleasant because of it’s high fashion appeal without going overboard or avant-garde.  His collection is always simple, slim, and structured.  No frills but still fashion forward. Jian probably lives by the statement “less is more” with his fantastic modern minimalist execution. He used white as his palette this time which accentuated the clean designs even more.  My only problem with Jian’s designs is that I think the clothes would only look good on skinny women.  But your weight is not the designer’s problem right? 🙂

Check out some photos I took.  Unfortunately, my Lumix failed me that day.  I couldn’t capture nice shots due to the harsh lighting.  I’ll study the settings next time.

Looking forward to the next season this coming October! 🙂

Philippine Fashion Week May 2012 from Abby on Vimeo.




Fashion Lover,

♥ Abby Wasabi

Vieux Chalet Brunch

6 Jun

Can you belive I’ve never been to Antipolo?  Yep, that’s right.  Loser?  Maybe.  Haha!  Or I’m just such a South girl at heart- lived in the South, grew up in the South, still prefers the South.  The only time I got acquainted with the North was in college.  Ateneo de Manila was in the faraway land of Katipunan and I didn’t have a choice.  So to cut the story short, I was FINALLY able to go to Antipolo last Saturday!  (Clap clap) I’ve always wanted to try this restaurant in the area but I didn’t know how to get there.  Perhaps trusting my awesome gastronomic instincts, when I suggested this resto to my parents for their Wedding Anniversary, they automatically obliged.  YAY! 🙂

Antipolo is just about 45 minutes from Makati (it was a Saturday morning so that’s minus the weekday traffic).  I call it the “Tagaytay of the North” since it’s also uphill and had a cooler temperature.  Technically it’s already a province but not quite since it’s close to Manila.  I’m not sure if you should trust my geographical explanations here haha! Let’s just move on to the food talk shall we? 🙂

Let me begin by saying: YOU NEED A MAP.  We almost got lost while looking for the place.  Aside from it being unfamiliar territroy, it was really rather difficult to find.  It was inside the insides of zigazg roads inside a small village on a hill near a cliff.  Haha!  But seriously, you can’t find it unless you research.  Sadly, I can’t imagine driving here at night.  😦  No parking area too except along the narrow steep roads.

Upon entering the vintage-looking resto, their friendly staff immediately greeted us with a smile.  I liked that.  Cheerful and warm greetings in the morning is a good way to start a happy brunch. 🙂  The place was not that big but airy.  Nothing fancy.  Very homey.  Bohemain-rustic-ish.  We had the place to ourselves so that was awesome!  Usual snoopy me went looking around.  Saw several artworks and cute trinkets.  It seemed to be an old house that was made into a restaurant.

Our waiter Rob was very very acommodating! He actually reminded me of a cartoon characted hahaha!  We ordered…A LOT as usual.  We always order food for 6 even if we’re just a small family of four.  Guess you know where I got my appetite from! 🙂

For starters we ordered the Shrimp and Mango Salad, Roasted Pumpkin Soup, and Hot Chocolate.  All of them didn’t fail to make a good impression!

The salad came in generous serving and had really good dressing  (important for me since it contains the flavor).  It was like a combination of oriental and fruity garlicy light mayo.  It had lots of huge shrimps too so you get what you pay for.

Pumpkin Soup is an all time family favorite so we always order this when available.  I like Vieux Chalet’s version ‘cos it’s lighter (not that thick) yet very tasty.  It had roasted garlic and basil which enhanced the flavor. Mmm perfect for the drizzly cool weather.

CHO-CO-LATTEEEE.  Their hot chocolate is just pure bliss for chocolate lovers.  It’s basically a cup of warm pure Swiss cholocate melted in goodness.  It was very thick though so it could use a little more milk.

Now onto the star of the brunch… We ordered 2 platters of their special BRUNCH SETS.  The huge platter (each one is good for 2) had freshly baked wheat bread, eggs the way you want them, smoked ham, giant sausages, Swiss white cheese, buttercream, marmalade, and it came with fresh fruit juice of your choice.  The difference between the two sets is that the other one had additional bacon while the other one had additional smoked salmon.

Breakfast food will always have a special place in my heart and tummy!  I always enjoy eating breakfast/brunch so I may be quite biased. 🙂 Vieux Chalet’s brunch platter was filling, fresh, and delicious although I didn’t find anything extra special compared to other breakfast platters.  It was good enough but not great.  I still prefer Bag of Beans’ omelette and sausages from Earle’s or Santi’s.  Special mention to their ultra soft melts-in-your-mouth tasty smoked salmon by the way! 🙂

My family and I enjoyed our brunch at Vieux Chalet.  The overall dining experience was pleasing and it’s worth a try!  But for those saying that Vieux Chalet is “Antonio’s of the North”…NAH!  It’s a good restaurant but not at par with my #1 favorite – Antonio’s Tagaytay. 🙂

I’m thinking of coming back though one time for a dinner date to appreciate the view and ambiance.  Maybe their other dishes will make me like the resto even more.



Swiss Miss,
Abby Wasabi

Crafty for Tina

5 Jun

Just wanted to share a couple of crafty stuff I did for my friend Tina. My creative juices were overflowing the past couple of weeks so I decided to put it to good use and make a friend happy. 🙂

Two weeks ago, I organized a simple Bridal Shower for her. Thanks to my other office mates Dinjo and Debbie for helping me carry it out. She was super surprised and we all had fun. Yay! Anyway, the night before, I wrapped her Bridal Shower gift with a ‘lil fun. I bought a hot pink paper bag and decorated it with cute and poofy bikini (supposedly lingerie) sticker. The sticker had sparkly beads inside! Felt like a kid when I found them.


Then finally last Saturday was her big day! She got married to her long time boyfriend Paolo. It was a sweet and simple wedding and she sure looked like a happy bride. Me and my office mates decided to pool some cash as our wedding gift. It’s the best gift to give a newly wed couple methinks. 🙂 So anyway I volunteered to make a card and envelope. Using just my trusty scissors and the all around glue, I was able to come up with this simple card. 🙂 There’s nothing fancy about it really. It’s very simple and vintage looking but I think it suits Tina’s personality very well.


I’ve always been into crafts but sometimes there will be stand out days when you just wanna no something artsy. Hopefully, more creative juices flow in time for my upcoming engagement party! Later folks! 🙂

Feeling Crafty,
Abby Wasabi