Philippine Fashion Week May 2012

7 Jun

Attended the Philippine Fashion Week Holiday 2012 again last May thanks to my designer friends for the invites.  🙂  I like watching the PFW shows because I enjoy appreciating our talented local designers as they showcase their interesting collections.

These were the shows I got to watch:

VISIONS AND TRENDS featuring Happy Andrada, Jan Garcia, Oz Go, Regine Dulay, Russell Villafuerte

READY TO WEAR COLLECTION featuring Dave Ocampo, Emi Alexander Englis, Harley Ruedas, Jian Lasala, John Guarnes, Mike Lavarez, Nixon Marquez

Brought my friends Fin & Tib with me.  Thanks to the manong bouncer who allowed me to bring them in without having to register. Apparently he thought I was some sort of VIP.  Heehee thanks I’m flattered. 🙂

(L-R: Fin, Tib, Abby) Dress by Efren Ocampo, Belt from Hongkong, Shoes from Celine

I fell in love with Dave Ocampo‘s collection… His creations were so ethereal, flowy, and enchanting.  The cuts of the dresses were so sexy but still pretty and chic, and the fabric he used was so on the body and expensive-looking.  The color palette was also so lovely!  I wanted to buy everything! 🙂  I’m definitely going to Dave Ocampo’s shop one of these days.

Happy Andrada‘s collection is of course one of the unusual ones.  Her creations are always unique, modern, “loud”.  I think I can describe her as playful and she really loves to experiment.  I’ve modeled one of her pieces before and I already knew that her designs were meant to stand out.  I was quite surprised though that she chose white as her palette and not something colorful.  Well it didn’t really stop her from going avant-garde.

Watching Jian Lasala‘s collection is always pleasant because of it’s high fashion appeal without going overboard or avant-garde.  His collection is always simple, slim, and structured.  No frills but still fashion forward. Jian probably lives by the statement “less is more” with his fantastic modern minimalist execution. He used white as his palette this time which accentuated the clean designs even more.  My only problem with Jian’s designs is that I think the clothes would only look good on skinny women.  But your weight is not the designer’s problem right? 🙂

Check out some photos I took.  Unfortunately, my Lumix failed me that day.  I couldn’t capture nice shots due to the harsh lighting.  I’ll study the settings next time.

Looking forward to the next season this coming October! 🙂

Philippine Fashion Week May 2012 from Abby on Vimeo.




Fashion Lover,

♥ Abby Wasabi


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  1. maoi June 11, 2012 at 9:11 AM #

    Manong Bouncer FTW! 😀

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