Cue Modern Barbecue

11 Jun

Hi friends! I hope you all enjoyed your weekend! 🙂

Can’t get over the delicious burger and huge slab of ribs from Cue last Thursday!!! Looking at the photos made me drool.

We decided to have dinner there after meeting up with our condo agent friends. The fiancé and I are thinking of buying a condo unit from Alveo (Ayala Land) and it was well indeed a productive meeting. 🙂 One bedroom unit please… Hoping for the best!

Anyway, back to the food. It was a Thursday night but Cue was packed! I can already imagine the line on weekends. It’s a newly opened resto at the awesome Bonifacio Highstreet Central. The ambiance was okay but not quite for dating. The crowd was composed of mostly yuppies eating out after work. That’s okay ‘cos we were really just after the food anyway. Haha!  And knowing us, we can consider the simplest things to be good dates. (Aww cheesy) 🙂


Look at the fiance’s delicious juicy burger! YUM! He finished it in less than 5 minutes haha!  It was medium so you can still see some pink but their meat was fresh so no problemo!  I had a bite and it yes it was juicy and tasty! 🙂


Now here is my half slab of Baby Back Ribs 🙂 The side of onion rings were to die for! Crispy, thin, and full of flavor!  The ribs were delicious too but I think I’ve tasted better ribs sorry.  You have two options upon ordering – you can have it either dry or wet and I chose wet ‘cos I like my ribs saucy and juicy not dry.  Doneness was just right and the flavor was sweet, not bad at all! 🙂


We’ll definitely be back to try more of their dishes!  Maybe we’ll bring the yuppie friends.


Happy tummy,
Abby Wasabi


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