Freedom Day

13 Jun

Happy Independence Day, Philippines!

Let us free ourselves from crime and corruption.

Today is a Holiday! Woohoo! What did you do today? 🙂

– – – – – – – – – – – – – –

I’m ending my Holiday with a post about my brother’s birthday. Of course it’s about food again. Sorry but you’ll have to bear with the foodie posts of a hungry girl. 🙂

Last Friday, June 8 was my brother’s birthday. We celebrated by…take a guess. Duh, eating! Haha! What better way to enjoy a wide array of dishes than eating at a buffet? Eat All You Can or Smorgasbord so to speak. So, brother dear chose our current default buffet place, Vikings.

It’s my third time to eat at Vikings Luxury Buffet and it still did not fail to please my taste buds and tummy. For a measly amount of PHP899 compared to five star hotel buffets that would cost you around PHP1,500++ and above per head (without the drinks yet), you get to enjoy a wide variety of cuisines.

There’s a Chinese station with all kinds of dimsum.


There’s a Japanese station (my favorite) with all kinds of fresh sashimi, maki, sushi, and tempura. Look how colorful and pretty the station looks!


There’s also a salad bar where you can choose from a lot of ingredients for your own salad depending on your personal preference. Bacon bits and croutons? They have it. Choose your dressing too.


There’s a station with American dishes like the super delicious Fish and Chips and Truffle mash. There’s Spanish with Callos, Lengua etc. And even Italian with Pizza, Pasta, Canneloni.

(Sorry no photo)

There were so many good appetizers which would immediately fill the tummy. Plus you can order grilled skewers and seafood such as Oysters, Crabs, and Shrimps.


To top that all off would be the Carving Station with really good Tenderloin Steaks and Lamb Chops which you can all customize according to your tummy’s desire.

Oh wait there’s more! Their Dessert Station apart from having the usual pastries and cakes, has Fondue and Unlimited Frozen Yogurt and Ice Cream! They also have a very cute Cotton Candy Station where you have to choose a candy and just drop it on the machine.


To make it even more satisfying, even their drinks are bottomless and included in the buffet! You can choose from various soda, to all kinds of juices, to sago gulaman, aaaannnd…even beer and sake! Wow!


Yes, that’s right. Talk about VALUE FOR MONEY. You really get your money’s worth and so much more.

And hey, their food’s quality is okay! Unlike other affordable buffets, they have very good food and they always refill.

You have to try it here. And don’t forget to make reservations because they’re ALWAYS full. 🙂

Forever Hungry,
Abby Wasabi


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