A Lovely Night

19 Jun

Love makes me rhyme!  Releasing the inner poet! I’m corny that way. Sorry, but you’ll have to bear with me for a while here…


The cool blown wind on your sweet face

The lingering of the wine’s spiced sweet taste

On the lush green gardens of a beautiful home

We sipped our wine as the moon’s light shone


Served with cheese platters, cold cuts, grapes

Hoping they delighted your tummy and taste

With the blue pool waves by our garden’s side

‘Twas like an evening at the beach one spring night


Ladies’ pretty dresses made the surroundings bloom even more

It was my spring in rainy season, God allowed it for

The showering halted as soon as we began our merriment

Rain only poured after, truly the night was heaven sent


Cheerful laughters and genuine friends happy for us

No better way to celebrate than the night that was

From the bottom of our hearts, we thank all who came

It was one lovely night we’ll remember all our days

Engagement Party from Vimeo.

Giddy with Love,

♥ Abby Wasabi


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