Big ‘N Tasty

27 Jun

It’s not BIGGER than the BIG MAC but it’s definitely BIG ‘N TASTY! 🙂

McDonald’s did it again.  Big hype on their Big ‘N Tasty burger and the crowd was big and crazy.  Well it’s not like they need to market heavily.  People flock to McDonald’s even without the heavy advertising because McDo will always be the go-to fast food chain (at least for me). All the more when there’s something new!

Like the Magnum craze, my Twitter feed got bombarded by all the Big ‘N Tasty tweets.  Everyone raved about the new burger in town and left us foodies curious.  Who wouldn’t get tempted to try it?


Soooo was it really BIG AND TASTY?  Yes, it was!  Although like I said, it’s not as big as my other favorite, the good ‘ol Big Mac, but big enough to fill my big hungry tummy. 🙂  It was as tasty as I liked it to be.  Slightly sweet thanks to the special dressing, packed with veggies, and with the signature Mcdo juicy pattie.  For me it was like the eldest daughter of the Big Mac and Quarter Pounder when they got married.  It had the combined manliness of the Quarter Pounder’s big pattie and girliness of Big Mac’s veggies and tangy sweet sauce.  I liked it! 🙂

Too bad my boyfriend didn’t enjoy it as much as I did.  He finished his burger of course.  It wasn’t bad but he still prefers the traditional Quarter Pounder.  He said it was too “sweet and girly” for his taste. 

I’d still recommend that you try it and see/taste for yourself.  Add ketchup or hot sauce if you want to vary the taste.  I’m definitely eating more of this.  Thanks, McDo! 🙂



McDo Girl Since Childhood,
Abby Wasabi


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