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Diet Time

19 Jul

For the Nth time… I will TRY to go on diet.

Diet means to lessen my food intake and try to eat healthy. No more fast food for a while. 😦

I tell you, this is really torture for me. You know how much I love food. But I need this. I need to lose weight before my wedding.

Wish me luck!!! 🙂


Here’s my healthy lunch for the day. Coffee Bean Tea Leaf Chinese Chicken Salad. Yummy but not filling enough for lunch!

My tummy is currently grumbling after an hour.

Oh dear, diet, I hate you.

Dreading Diet,

Abby Wasabi


Ukokkei A-OK!

17 Jul

FOREVER CRAVING – this is how I feel towards Ukokkei Ramen. I’m ALWAYS craving for it! I can always eat it even if I’m alreay full (agh such a glutton)!

Like fries, French macarons, CPK salad, and Japanese cuisine, Ukokkei Ramen (well it is considered Japanese too) has joined the top notchers of my super favorite food list! 🙂

Ukokkei’s Tan Tan Men is just true love in a bowl. ♥ I am such a fan of the rich and spicy miso-based soup with roasted sesame oil! Very very tasty mmm. The perfectly cooked al dente noodles made it even more delectable. Talking about it now makes my tummy grumble. Perfect for rainy days! ☂ Actually, it can be my comfort food any time of day and any kind of day haha! 🙂


Tan Tan Men is just my ultimate fave but other dishes like the Seafood Ramen, Gyoza, and Spicy Prawns are dee-liciouss as well! 🙂

Visit Ukkokei Ramen Ron along Pasay Road in Makati and change your ramen life forever hahahaha! 🙂

Laters babes!



Ramen Ravin’,

Abby Wasabi

Oh live Olive

16 Jul

I was never really a fan of lotions or body creams, especially not body oils. I never really put on anything on my skin (except my face where I’ve already started to use a mild moisturizer). Yep, not even a single drop of whatever. I hate the greasy sticky feeling and even if the product is in gel form or promises to be non-greasy, I still don’t trust it. Unfortunately, it’s not only my mother’s constant reminder that encouraged me to change this bad habit. Many of my friends and a lot of articles I’ve read have made me change my mind about putting on skin moisturizers. I also noticed that my skin is starting to look dehydrated so okay I’m giving in. Plus, I’m also quite ashamed of my dry and rough man hands. Haha! 🙂


I am still at a constant search for the perfect lotion for me. Currently eyeing on greasless products of course. Something light AND it’s important that it has very mild scent or no scent at all!  Here’s one product I picked up from Sasa Hong Kong a few weeks ago – Olive + Q10 Hand Cream. I already started using it this week and viola I’m already falling in love with it! First of all, the packaging already looks refreshing. It comes in a lightweight tube so it’s sanitary and convenient. Secondly, I reallllyyy love the scent! This is rare because I also hate perfume and anything scented for that matter. It’s a pleasant surprise that I love how it smells yay! How do I explain the scent…hmm it’s very very light, almost negligible, but also very clean-smelling (whatever that means haha). And for the most important part, I love how it moisturizes! It has a very light gel-cream texture, it doesn’t feel greasy, but it leaves my hands soooo soft. I still feel the silky feeling until the next day. 🙂

Too bad that the Olive + Q10 is only a hand cream. If it had a body lotion variant I’m definitely getting one! At least I might be able to resolve my man-hands problem! Haha! 🙂

So, who’s going to HK anytime soon? Can you please buy for me???




Channeling Olive Oyl,

Abby Wasabi

Friday The 13th

14 Jul

Friday the 13th AM: I dropped my laptop on my foot and I drove to work with an injured big toe. COME ONNNN. 😦

Friday the 13th PM: Were you on the road Friday night??? You’re lukcy if you weren’t because traffic was TERRIBLE everywhere!!! Payday + Friday + Rain = bad combination. 

Okay enough of the rants.  Thank God the day ended nicely…

Good food was there to the rescue!  Good food will always calm me down. Haha! 🙂 Had dinner (late dinner that is) with my college friends Jackie, Audrey, Tam, and Jeff at STELLA.

Stella is a relatively new restaurant in Bonifacio Highstreet Central beside Cue. They have good food.  Although a bit pricey, the taste and quality made it worth the price, not to mention the big servings.  Their Ribs/Riblets were very tasty and good for three not one! I also liked my Gindara which was real soft and juicy. Too bad I wasn’t able to take photos of the food. We were seated outside where it was quite dark (boo!) and I only had my iPad with me. Sorry!

By the way, the resto is usually called Stella and the Rocketroom because the bar beside it (I think they have the same owners) is called Rocketroom. They have good music and drinks and I’m guessing it will be the next “it place” for yuppies. Will hang there next time. 🙂


After dinner, it started to get a bit noisy as we were seated outside, so we decided to have some dessert at SLICE. It was my third time at Slice and I still enjoyed the Choco-yema cupcake! Mmmm. Others say it’s too sweet, but you know me, I like sweet! 🙂 I also had chamomile tea which was a bad idea ‘cos I got really sleepy while driving. Uh oh!

It was a nice catch up sesh with my friends and a good way to cap off the night! Hoping we get to do this more often. 🙂




Lucky even on Friday the 13th,

Abby Wasabi


12 Jul

I’m sure everyone has tried Baileys Irish Creme at least once in their lives. Am I right? 🙂 Baileys is like the good old default ladies drink of teenagers which tastes like yummy chocolate/coffee. Yeah, it has alcohol content but it sure does not taste like it!

So Im sure you’ve already tried the drink BUT have you tried…… the Baileys Truffles? 🙂 Yup! TRUFFLES!

Look mom, real chocolates this time! 🙂


Like any other chocolate, it falls right on my dessert-friendly taste buds! Yummy! Rich and smooth with just the right amount of sweetness. 🙂

Try it! I’m not sure if it’s available in local grocery stores or department stores but you can find it in Duty Free or S&R.


Abby Wasabi

Sale Season in Hong Kong

8 Jul

June to August are Hong Kong’s shopping months.  The super sale happens this season and both tourists and locals clamor for designer bags, shoes, clothes, beauty products, and almost anything that pleases their fashion taste.  This is the time when we have to fall in line outside the Chanel and Prada shops and wait for our turn inside.  Queueing is normal during this season as everyone wants to get hold of the very attractive bargains.  🙂

True enough, designer items slash up to 50% off their original prices making them more reasonable to buy (at least for most of them).  I can imagine all the brand conscious people rejoicing and jumping up and down already, including my friend (ninang) Clare who loves designer bags and shoes! 🙂

Summarizing how my trip went in five items:

1. Hooray for Cathay Pacific Business Class! Super awesome flight experience.  Good service, great food, and comfy seats. 🙂


2. Our good ‘ol hotel that never fails to please: Caritas Bianchi Hotel along Yau Ma Tei Nathan Road.  Stayed here twice already and I’m still pleased with it.  Very good location (close to the MTR and convenience stores), good service, good breakfast, big rooms and nice bathroom for a three star hotel.  I’m definitely staying here again.  Nevermind the four-star or five-star hotels with popular names.  They even have smaller rooms compared to Caritas Bianchi’s.

3. Shopping was of course the highlight of the trip so we can’t do without it.  We shopped and hopped from one store to the other all day and all night.  Hello, sore feet!

Okay so where do I begin?  We visited Citygate Outlets at Tung Chung.  Unfortunately, we didn’t find any good buys except for a pair of Giordano jeans and the super cheap luggage at the Samsonite outlet store.  The items were cheap but I just couldn’t find anything that matches my taste. 😦 So guess where I got to shop a lot…where else but H&M and Cotton On, my go-to HK brands! 🙂  I also hoarded Clean and Clear oli films and a few face masks at Bonjour!  They’re so cheap in HK yay! I also got to buy some stuff in Uniqlo even if we already have it in Manila.  Zara Philippines is > Zara HK so I didn’t get to buy anything. 😦 Then there’s City Super of course for food items.  Bossini didn’t have much good stocks this season.  COS opened in HK a few days before we got there and the clothes were adobrable but overpriced. 😦 Longchamp had cheap bags and wallets and I got tempted to buy.  Even the Ferragamo flats and Prada heels from the outlet store tempted me so badly.  Waah I had to resist temptation!  Clare on the other hand bought exesnive goodies like the Gucci bag, another Rimowa luggage, Tory Burch flats, the precious Garrett popcorn, Jean Paul Hevin macarons, and that cute Ferragamo hair clip. 🙂

4. Being a girl with a 300-lber appetite, food is an integral part of a trip for me.  I MUST visit my country faves and I MUST try new stuff. 🙂 Having said that, we drove to Causeway Bay for my all time favorite HK resto, DIN TAI FUNG! Yipee! Happy Tummy! 🙂 I ordered Xiao Long Bao, Spicy Shirmp Dumplings, and Scallion Noodles all to myself!  $160 worth of DTF goodness!  Ahh yummeh 🙂 Then we tried the super cute Charlie Brown Cafe at Cameron Road.  This awesome concept shop had great food, good service, and really nice and cute catroony ambiance.  We had fun eating while taking photos and felt like kiddos haha!  Cafe De Coral is another staple for HK trips.  Roast duck, Roast Goose, Baked Spaghetti, Soy Chicken… I think I’ve aleady eaten all of the items in Cafe De Coral’s menu! Hahaha! 🙂


5. In order for trips to be fun, a significant factor is your company, whom you spent the trip with.  Since it was a shopping trip, the perfect companion would be your girlfriends! 🙂  Jelibelly and Clarebear are my Friday lunch girls – my good friends from my former office.  We know a lot of things about each other and share so many stories including gossip hahaha and we’re comfortable with each other’s company!  They are such generous friends for arranging this trip as their engagement gift/despidida de soltera gift for me!!! Aren’t they sweet??? 🙂  Thanks, girls!  I hope they enjoyed as much as I did. 🙂

So, when do you think am I going back to Hong Kong? 🙂  I’ll give you a prize if you can guess!

Laters, babe! (Christian Grey)




Peace and Love,

Abby Wasabi