9 Aug

Hi Friends! How have you been? I hope everybody’s safe and dry after the past three days of tumultuous rain. I’ll be catching up on blog-backlogs so please bear with me for a moment.

I just wanna share how I’ve welcomed August so far. YES, that’s right AUGUST! More than halfway through the year… five months to go before the big day!!! Agggh (insert panic face)

So, first and foremost, please give me a warm round of applause because I FINALLY, after 10 50 years, FINALLY I get to do some physical activity again. I’ve enrolled at Gold’s Gym!!! OHYEAH! 🙂 So proud of myself for finally starting trying to get fit again. You know, I really really hate exercise. And with my 300-LB-er appetite, I just cant thank God enough that I’m not overweight or close to obese. BUT this doesn’t mean I’m fit and healthy. I know I’m not. I seriously pant when I climb the stairs haha! I still need to exercise to stay in shape. So WOOHOO please pat me on the back for this big step. I was able to drag my lazy butt and embrace exercise as part of my weekly routine. YAY! 🙂



Next up, since I’ve mentioned there are five months left before the big day (ayayay)… I’ve arranged lunch last weekend for my female bridal entourage!!! 🙂 Maid of Honor, Bridesmaids, Secondary Sponsors – my lovely girl friends had lunch at my home after my seamstress’ assistant tok their measurements. I’m so excited for their dresses as I’ve designed them myself and carefully assigned the right design for each one. Wee! 🙂


Lastly, I just want you to meet a cute new member of our household – mommy’s new doggiebaby – BURRITO!!! 🙂 He’s a playful brown chihuahua with a little voice and huggge appetite for his size. Maybe he got that from me. Hahaha! 🙂




Enjoy the rest of the month, friends! CHEERS! 🙂


Hoping for an Awesome August,

Abby Wasabi


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