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Summer Essentials Part 1

11 Apr

IT’S SO HOT OUTSIDE!!! Sheesh this is probably one of the hottest summers I’ve ever experienced! I worry for how it’s gonna be next year. 😐

Don’t get me wrong, I like summer. I like summer for the beach trips and pool parties, upbeat music, beautiful clouds and longer daytime, enjoying fruit shakes and slurping ice cream, and thanking the inventor of showers. 🙂 Most importantly, I like summer because well, there’s NO RAIN.  Yes, I dislike rain very much.  Anyway, before I continue to ramble… I’ve decided to post summer essentials every week and this is part one. 🙂

Here goes the list. Sharing with you three of my hundreds dozens of summer essentials:


I don’t usually wear nail polish.  Ever since I was a kid, I’ve never really accustomed myself to liking color on my nails (any color at that).  At most, I’d put on some clear polish just to make them look shiny but that’s it. I like them clean and looking like nails of boys. Haha! Summer is an exception though. During summer I have the urge to paint my nails bright! 🙂 I just got a mani-pedi last Tuesday and here is my favorite summer nail color – coral. 🙂

Summer Nails


As I’ve mentioned earlier, the heat outside is terrible! The scorching hot sun and humid high temperature makes my skin look and feel horrible. So I always keep my Avene spray in my bag. I bought this in France but I’m happy to know that last week Mercury Drug now sells Avene products! Hooray! No need to hoard these stuff from France. 🙂 This is just natural spring water so there are no chemicals. I’m a fan of natural stuff so thumbs up for this one. Try it and spritz the summer heat away! 🙂

Cooling Spray


Are you surprised? Of course this is my ultimate summer essential – my all time favorite ICE CREAM! As if I don’t eat this on rainy days hahaha! 🙂 What can I say, it’s a happy food/comfort food/I can eat it anytime food! Obviously, this cold treat helps us beat-the-heat! I like all kinds and flavors of ice cream (oh yes believe me) but right now, my favorites are Pinkerton and M&M’s ice cream cookie sandwich. *Drooool*

Ice cream!

That’s it for now. Watch out for more of my summer essentials soon!




Summer Goddess In The Making (whut? haha),

Abby Wasabi


Oh live Olive

16 Jul

I was never really a fan of lotions or body creams, especially not body oils. I never really put on anything on my skin (except my face where I’ve already started to use a mild moisturizer). Yep, not even a single drop of whatever. I hate the greasy sticky feeling and even if the product is in gel form or promises to be non-greasy, I still don’t trust it. Unfortunately, it’s not only my mother’s constant reminder that encouraged me to change this bad habit. Many of my friends and a lot of articles I’ve read have made me change my mind about putting on skin moisturizers. I also noticed that my skin is starting to look dehydrated so okay I’m giving in. Plus, I’m also quite ashamed of my dry and rough man hands. Haha! 🙂


I am still at a constant search for the perfect lotion for me. Currently eyeing on greasless products of course. Something light AND it’s important that it has very mild scent or no scent at all!  Here’s one product I picked up from Sasa Hong Kong a few weeks ago – Olive + Q10 Hand Cream. I already started using it this week and viola I’m already falling in love with it! First of all, the packaging already looks refreshing. It comes in a lightweight tube so it’s sanitary and convenient. Secondly, I reallllyyy love the scent! This is rare because I also hate perfume and anything scented for that matter. It’s a pleasant surprise that I love how it smells yay! How do I explain the scent…hmm it’s very very light, almost negligible, but also very clean-smelling (whatever that means haha). And for the most important part, I love how it moisturizes! It has a very light gel-cream texture, it doesn’t feel greasy, but it leaves my hands soooo soft. I still feel the silky feeling until the next day. 🙂

Too bad that the Olive + Q10 is only a hand cream. If it had a body lotion variant I’m definitely getting one! At least I might be able to resolve my man-hands problem! Haha! 🙂

So, who’s going to HK anytime soon? Can you please buy for me???




Channeling Olive Oyl,

Abby Wasabi

Goodies from the Hongks

14 Jun

These were some of the goodies I bought from my trip to Hongkong last February… And I am just sooo excited to be coming back in 15 days for the super sale! YAAYY! 🙂 Can’t wait!


As you can see I bought mostly food. I wasn’t able to shop a lot last February except for the usual H&M and Cotton On purchases. It wasn’t a shopping trip anyway and more of a “food-trip-enjoying-winter-with-boyfriend” kind of trip. 🙂

Will share my shopping adventure next month. Bye for now!

Too excited,

Abby Wasabi

The Cut

12 May

I cut my hair today!!!  YUP, the long locks have been chopped off.  I’ve been wanting to get a haircut since three months ago but I didn’t have time AND I was still too attached to my long long wavy hair.  Yesterday, I finally decided to go thru with it and tada! Now…it’s really short and I am sooo anxious, nervous, and panicking.  😦

Thoughts:  Oh dear I haven’t had my hair this short since fourth year college.  What if my face looks huge and round?  WHAT IF IT DOES NOT GROW LONG ENOUGH ON MY WEDDING DAY???

Plus Points:  Well my parents loved it. My fiancé too!  And friends say it’s nice and “elegant” looking.  It feels light and fresh, plus it’s low maintenance.  Damaged tresses were chopped off too so I’m looking forward to healthier hair.

Minus Points: Aside from this cut and perm costing me 10 effin’ grand (darn those pretty Koreans of my favorite Korean salon), it’s too short!  I told them I want it shoulder lenght!  It really scares me that it might not grow long enough in time for my wedding next year. 😦

I really hope it grows fast enough….  According to my reseearch it should grow about 5 inches by then.  I need more than 5 inches so I might have to look for hair growers haha!

In the meantime, I shall enjoy this light, young, freshshorty” hair. 🙂

Your Shorty,

♥ Abby Wasabi

Nerdy Nails

14 Mar

Last weekend, my Aunt brought home some stuff from the States.  She’ll be selling some items but mom and I got first dibs.  Talk about temptation huh.  There were bags, makeup, perfume, and other assorted items.  Out of all the tempting stuff, this caught my attention.  I was surprised to find this in her stash!


TADA!  NERDS scented nail polish!  Sorry but it’s my first time to see such cuteness.  They probably have a lot of these in the U.S. but i really didn’t know they had NERDS polish. Sheesh I might end up eating my nails if I use these.  They really really smell like candy.  The box comes with three flavors/scents – strawberry, grape, and orange.  Colors are so bright and candy-like too!

Should I give it a try?  What do you think? 🙂

I’ll let you know if it’s any good!


Happy Nail Biting,

♥ Abby Wasabi