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Plus One

17 Apr

Another year has passed and another year has come. Yep, that’s right folks, put a plus one on my age digits! 🙂

Yesterday, April 16, I turned a year older, a year wiser (hopefully), a year stronger, and with a different surname! 🙂 It’s my first birthday as a married woman! And thanks to my ever so sweet and thoughtful husband, it became a memorable one.

My all-day birthday celebration began early in the morning. My hubby woke me up and placed his big birthday present on the bed. 🙂 I was still so sleepy but I couldn’t help but open it especially since i saw the huge Michael Kors label hahaha! I loved it! 🙂 We also had breakfast with my parents and they also had a nice present for me yay! 🙂 Hubby then brought me to work (yeah I had to work people, no birthday leaves) and I was happy to have a light day with no meetings. Woopee! Some gifts and cakes were delivered from partners/clients and finally hubby picked me up again for our birthday dinner date in…SPIRAL SOFITEL! 🙂 Oh but I also passed by the Sacred Heart Church to say a thanksgiving prayer. 🙂

Two words: FOOD COMA! The Spiral buffet in Sofitel always leaves me in this state – a food coma – a good kind though. Of course we enjoyed the vast scrumptious dinner spread especially the newly improved L’Epicerie, Salad bar, French Corner, and Dessert Station! 🙂 It was a gastronomic feast! Perfect for special occasions like MY BIRTHDAY! Haha! 🙂

We finished eating at around 8:30PM and we left Sofitel with our happy tummies!  Little did I know that the celebration was not yet over and I was in for a surprise!  So we drove to The Fort Strip, I kept bugging him in the car cos he wouldn’t tell me where we were going, and we finally reached Aracama. To my surprise, my friends were there waiting and they all greeted me a happy birthday! 🙂 It was a fun night of celebrating with cupcakes, wine, and Mr. Daniels. We all enjoyed and became zombies to work the next day haha!

Happy birthday to me!

Happy birthday to me!

Indeed it was an all-day celebration and it was perfectly planned thanks to my hubby. 🙂 What better way to celebrate my coming to this world – with my Love, my family, my close friends, and of course a thanksgiving prayer to HIM! 🙂 Thank you, Lord, for another year. I feel blessed everyday. Everything I do, I lift up to You. ♥

May this year bring even more blessings, learning, and meaningful memories. Cheers! 

P.S. Never mind the asking me of my age. Haha! 🙂



Grew older but looking younger (HAHA),

♥ Abby Wasabi


First of Summer 2013

2 Apr

The weekend before Holy Week, my hubby planned a weekend beach getaway for us to celebrate our second month of being Mr. & Mrs.! Isn’t he sweet? 🙂  We left Saturday noon (because I had to be at a work event in the morning), drove for about three hours, and arrived Laiya at around 4:30PM. It was a hot summer afternoon and we were both so excited to go to the beach.

Hooray for summer!

Hooray for summer!

Upon arriving, the first thing I noticed was the resort’s unattractive entrance.  We had to traverse a few feet of the tiny rough road leading to the resort gate. The popular Acuatico resort is right beside Acuaverde – Acuatico gate on the left and Acuaverde gate on the right. They’re sister companies by the way.  On the offset, I liked the tight security. Manong guard had to stop us at the gate, inspect, and ask for our names to make sure we have a booking. Parking was average, secure and close to the reception. The reception area was a big cottage with high ceiling at the center of the resort and the staff greeted us politely. Since we arrived later than the check-in time, they were already expecting us. Check-in was smooth and easy, the courteous staff escorted us to our room with welcome drinks.



So our beach weekend began as soon as we stepped in our room. We got the sea view room at the second floor – more expensive than the garden view (because of the view obviously) but I think the room sizes are all the same. The sea view room size is average, large enough for two people. It had the basics – double bed, TV, desk, aircon, closet. Nothing special. The bathroom was good enough too – clean with a decent shower and toilet. Like I said, nothing special. The rooms are in fact quite overpriced compared to other resorts in Laiya. But for me it was worth it and I’ll tell you why in a bit. I would recommend that you avail of the sea view rooms despite the price difference because the view of the beach and the breeze coming from the sea are really relaxing. When it’s too hot during noon, we hang out by our veranda and we already get what we paid for. 🙂

View from our room

View from our room

Now here are the reasons why we didn’t mind paying a little extra for Acuaverde: 1) Privacy – the resort is very private compared to the other resorts in Laiya. While other beach resorts were crowded; 2) Crowd – I’m sorry to sound obnoxious but the people around us matter. I won’t elaborate on this part but we did like the crowd in Acuaverde. 3) Convenience – the room packages included all meals already and we really liked that.  We don’t have to think about where we’ll eat, where to buy food, or what to bring if food wasn’t provided. Not to mention that all meals were buffet and pretty good too.

Happy second month! :)

Happy second month! 🙂

Don’t expect too much from beaches in Batangas. Of course the sand is not powdery white and fine but I think it’s the “best” beach you can find in a three-hour drive from Manila. So we did what we do best – “chillin like a villain” hahaha!

Sand on my toes

Sand on my toes

We are total beach bums and we enjoyed this first summer trip for 2013! MORE TO COME!

Have a GREAT SUMMER!!! 🙂

Always a beach lover,

Abby Wasabi

Just Got Hitched

18 Mar

I’m married. Wow. Still takes a bit of time to process that thought honestly. 🙂 But yeah, two months ago I married the man I loved for 9 years. ❤

I am still in awe at this beautiful gift of God to us – the gift of love, the gift of union in marriage. ❤ How great is our God for creating this wonderful sacrament for us to celebrate, to cherish!

To be totally frank, I don’t really know how to start writing this entry. Too much things come to my mind when you ask me about my wedding. Too much thoughts and too much emotions. But I guess the most evident of all is the feeling of gratitude. During my wedding preparations and on the wedding day itself, I have come to this realization of how immensely blessed I am. I am soooo sooo thankful for my loving and supportive fiancé husband who managed to help me out despite his very busy intern-doctor schedule, for my ever so supportive family – daddy and mommy (in-laws too), who helped me in all ways possible (help is actually an understated word for what they did), and my reliable suppliers who did not let me down. I have nothing but hands down praises for all of these important people who made my wedding a dream come true. *Bonus thanks to dear God of course for the beautiful weather and everything else that managed to go our way. He’s the best!*

Before getting married I had this notion that weddings are all about the love of the couple for each other. I thought it was the cheesiest day of a loving couple’s life and a culmination of their fairy tale love story. All of these are true, yes. It was the most kilig day of my life indeed!!! But I also realized it was more than that.

That day I realized that a wedding isn’t just about two people in love and their commitment to one another but in fact it’s an expression of how the couple is loved by God, their families, and their friends. It was truly about love, but more of an all-encompassing love, that breaches thru distance (we had guests from all over the country and all over the world) and thru time (we had childhood friends and those we haven’t seen for such a long time). It’s the unifying love of God’s community that embraces this man and woman to further encourage them to love another.

Here’s the thing: Our wedding was a destination wedding – our venues were hidden gems in the outskirts of Tagaytay on a Saturday of January when many people are still on vacation and it also coincided the weekend of Sinulog Festival. BUT THE CHURCH WAS FULL. I’ve never seen a wedding with so much people in the ceremony. Except of course if it’s a celebrity wedding or a politician’s. We had a big church which can fit 300 people and almost all pews were filled with our guests – people who love us and came all the way to be with us. My heart melted. 🙂

I could go on and on about all the beautiful details of my dream wedding from the prefect weather to the gorgeous flowers and great food but it might take so much of your time. Maybe in another post I can share all of these. Believe me I can be rave-y and it can get annoying haha! In the meantime, let me leave you with these beautiful words:

“To be grateful is to recognize the Love of God in everything He has given us – and He has given us everything. Every breath we draw us a gift of His love, every moment of existence is a grace, for it brings with it immense graces from Him. Gratitude therefore takes nothing for granted, is never unresponsive, is constantly awakening to new wonder and to praise of the goodness of God. For the grateful person knows that God is good, not by hearsay but by experience. And that is what makes all the difference.” -Thomas Merton


Cheers to love!!!

Single Lady No More,

Abby Wasabi

A Lovely Night

19 Jun

Love makes me rhyme!  Releasing the inner poet! I’m corny that way. Sorry, but you’ll have to bear with me for a while here…


The cool blown wind on your sweet face

The lingering of the wine’s spiced sweet taste

On the lush green gardens of a beautiful home

We sipped our wine as the moon’s light shone


Served with cheese platters, cold cuts, grapes

Hoping they delighted your tummy and taste

With the blue pool waves by our garden’s side

‘Twas like an evening at the beach one spring night


Ladies’ pretty dresses made the surroundings bloom even more

It was my spring in rainy season, God allowed it for

The showering halted as soon as we began our merriment

Rain only poured after, truly the night was heaven sent


Cheerful laughters and genuine friends happy for us

No better way to celebrate than the night that was

From the bottom of our hearts, we thank all who came

It was one lovely night we’ll remember all our days

Engagement Party from Vimeo.

Giddy with Love,

♥ Abby Wasabi

Love Letter Number One

31 Mar

I’ve always wanted to write something about love that’s not cheesy but it’s so hard to do especially when you’re happy and a romantic like me.  Often I end up gushing or raving so much like a teenager.  I guess love makes us corny. 🙂

Like I always say, I feel so lucky and blessed by God for having been given the chance to meet my soulmate at an early age.  Some people take years and years of searching, several heartbreaks, and dozens of wrong relationships, before actually finding “the one”.  It’s a reality of life and there’s nothing wrong with that.  Some of us really have to go through all of those just to find the person we’re meant to be with for the rest of our lives. It doesn’t mean there’s something wrong with you.  It’s just really how it is.  This is indeed the reason why I cannot express how grateful I am for this wonderful blessing of Love in my life.

Unfortunately, not everyone has the same fate.  I have witnessed a lot of these “single life trials” from friends, relatives, and acquaintances.  I try my best to comfort them and make them learn from these experiences.  In fact, I also even learn from them as well.  At times there will be situations when friends become stubborn, some of them change completely because of these relationships, or worse some would even drift away.  These are the moments when I eagerly want to let them read the thoughts in my head.  These are the moments when I have always wanted to come up with the perfect words to say.

Since I will be one of the first to get married in my group of friends, I feel very blessed and thankful.  Yet apart from these feelings, I also think of it as a responsibility – a responsibility to share my blessing by at least imparting thoughts and learnings from my happy heart.  🙂  Here goes my love letter…


Dear you, yes you.  I have four things I want to tell you because I love you.  

ONE: Learn To Celebrate Love!

Whether you’re single, in a relationship, or in a complicated relationship… Young, old, or undergoing quarterlife crisis…  You should be able to celebrate love in your own way.  Love has various forms and it’s up to you to celebrate it.  If you can’t, there must be bitterness in your heart.  Take away that bitterness and be happy for people in love and be happy that love still exists.  It only means you can still find it. 🙂

TWO: Do Not Sulk If You’re Still Single. 

Don’t take it as some sort of bad luck, being single my dear friends, is actually a blessing.  It’s a gift of time and opportunity to learn more, discover what your wants and needs are, a time to define your principles, values and more importantly your self-worth.  Being single means you have more time to find out about what kind of person you are and what kind of person you want to become.  Everyone needs to go through this.  Moreover, take this as the perfect time to prepare yourself for “the one” – that one person God has set aside for you. In your being single my friends, you must find fulfillment not emptiness, security not insecurity, and peace not bitterness.  If this happens, your “singlehood” is definitely a blessing. However, if you find your hearts and minds filled with trouble and anxiety, hatred and angst, or worse envy towards others who are happily inlove…then obviously, being this kind of “singlehood” is like a curse.  Take it as blessing. 🙂

THREE: Truly Believe In Love – Even the Cheesy Kind.

Trust me, believing in true love does not and will not hurt.  It only hurts if you make yourself vulnerable and gullible because of this belief.  But if you believe and love in a sappy way but know the right from wrong and firmly stand by your principles, you will not find yourself astray.  Even after being hurt, betrayed, or abandoned, continue to desire for all the good things about love.  It’s easier said than done I know, but in believing in something which we have proven many times is real, there seems to be nothing to lose.  Try calming your heart down and avoid focusing too much on yourself by always actively looking or hunting for a partner.  On the contrary, widen your perspective and appreciate the love that’s already all around us.  You can see love in your parents and family members, your best friends, your colleagues, or even random people in the street.  Appreciate those kinds of love and try to love back!  Your heart will be so fulfilled that there will be a time when you will actually no longer look for love!  And you’ll be surprised to find out that it is when you are not looking, love will come find you. 🙂  I personally wasn’t looking for someone when my fiancé came into the picture.  We started out as classmates.  He said he had the biggest crush on me but I only saw him as some boy.  We managed to become friends and then liked each other.  We tried out a relationship even if we went to different colleges, had different interests and had different worlds and yet somehow our love still flourished.  Now, we’re getting married! ♥

FOUR: Pray For Love

Please always pray to Him.  Pray for the kind of love God has destined for each one of us.  Some of us will be blessed early, some later, but God will find a way to send us the message if we just talk to Him.  Remember that love doesn’t have to happen right now or when we want it but it will happen when God thinks we’re ready for it.  Even if your heart is injured and has been broken into pieces, God will definitely piece it back together.  Who knows, He might even reward you with a brand new heart for a fresh start to love completely again!  So please, I encourage you, to pray for the person you’re destined to be with.  Even if you don’t know him yet. 🙂


So there you go.  I hope I was able to write down everything in my head.  If not, maybe I’ll do another post next time – Love Letter # 2?  Haha!  I apologize for always raving about love.  I can’t please everybody and some might think I’m cheesy and sappy but true love and happiness are undeniable. It will show no matter how much you hide it.  🙂  I wish for the same happiness to fill all your hearts whether you’re single or happily inlove like me.  May all of us find joy in God’s love and the people around us.



Inlove and sharing the love,

♥ Abby Wasabi

3-week LDR: Missing The Fianch

29 Mar

My dear Fiance has been gone for a week now and I already miss him!!!  He’s having his well-deserved vacation in California with his family and there are two weeks left!!! I’m sure he’s having a blast though so it’s fine.

He’ll be back in time for my birthday.  I MISS YOU FIANCH!

This song is for you! 🙂

Get your A back home! 🙂

🎵 “I don’t kno-oh-oh-oh-w where you’re going or when you’re coming home

I don’t kno-oh-oh-oh-w where you’re going, jus get your ass back home.” 🎵

Said The Heart’s All Over The World Tonight

16 Feb

So tell me, how did you spend your Valentine’s Day? 🙂

Valentine’s day to me is such a “diverse” occasion.  It is when happy couples celebrate their love by going out on dates and making restaurants rich.  It is when people in love buy flowers, chocolates, gifts, and make business for Hallmark.  It is also a day when self esteem of single women drop to the lowest point.  Moreover a day when single men suddenly get to write bitter songs about their exes.  Sometimes it can a day when married couples fight because the wife expects something from the husband who didn’t even remember what date it was.  So yeah, just like any normal day, it really depends on how you want to spend it. 

Being the romantic that I am (yes I’d like to think that), I would prefer to celebrate love and join the bandwagon.  There’s nothing wrong with being a little cheesy sometimes.  However, I’d like to draw the line please.  I don’t like giant teddy bears and bouquets made of Ferrero Rocher.  I don’t like hiked-up “special” dinners in fancy restaurants with free heart giveaways.  I don’t like strangers paid by my boyfriend serenading me in my house or in my office.  I like celebrating the day of love with simple yet sweet gestures that I will enjoy with my loved one.  Luckily, my fiance and I have the same taste.  He knows me well and he likes sweet simple things too.  YAY! 🙂

So here goes my Valentine date this year…

Since Tuesday is a workday, the fiance picked me up from work.  There was a pretty bouquet of red roses at the backseat for me.  Yay! 🙂  So we headed to Alabang – the chillest place in Manila I’d like to think.  I got in their home and greeted his parents who were still there but about to leave as well for their date.  Gabby our little munchkin brother told me to stay in the living room while they “prepare some things”.  Nosey me couldnt help it so I took a peek at the kitchen.  Saw that it has been invaded by a jedi.  Haha!  Then I was told to wait by the pool…

Lookie lookie!  The fiance had set-up a romantic candle-lit dinner table right beside the pool.  Aww… My heart melted already. 🙂  There were also floating candles on the pool itself. PRETTY.  I waited.  I heard sweet music starting to play and enjoyed the cool February breeze.

And then…DINNER IS SERVED.  I already knew beforehand that he was going to cook for me and I was overly excited!  Imagine, my adorable med student/almost doctor fiance who has never in his entire 25 years of existence stayed in the kitchen and cooked a single dish, now cooked a four-course meal for us!  Eeeeghh! He said he watched Jamie Oliver Youtube videos before gracing the kitchen haha cute. 🙂 I just couldn’t wait to try it. 

Here comes the fooooood!  Guess what he prepared…  Pumpkin soup, Chicken Ceasar Salad with Bacon, Steak Ala Paolo, and Vanilla Ice Cream with Nutella & Chocnut!  Good choice of menu for someone who hasn’t cooked ever in his life.  (Whispers: I guess doctors really like to challenge themselves haha)

 The moment of truth has arrived – tasting time. 

We were munching our food and all we could do is joke repeatedly “mmm…who knew” munch munch “mmm…who knew” munch munch. Haha!  WHO KNEW indeed.  Who knew that the inexperienced kitchen-oblivious fastfood-loving doctor can actually cook.  Everything tasted goooood.  I didn’t know what to say, really.  Everything was perfect.  🙂

I absolutely enjoyed my Valentine’s date this year.  I hope you all did too.  🙂 CHEERS TO LOVE! 

Abby Wasabi