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A Wanderful Night

23 May

2013 is the year of music festivals! So happy to know that we’re now getting into this scene. Filipinos love music and we should do more of these. ūüôā Last month, the popular tooth paste brand launched a Summer Solstice music festival and I heard it was a hit (especially to teens). ¬†Then last week we had the first ever WANDERLAND MUSIC FEST. This is the one I went to. Negative people would call it a “trying hard” Coachella slash Tomorrowland. It’s actually true but so what! It was hella fun! ūüôā

I’ve always wanted to go to Coachella, it’s in my bucket list ’til now. So having some kind of a Philippine version is fine by me!¬†Besides, I don’t go to concerts/music festivals if I don’t like the artists. I’m not just there for the “Coachella vibe” ¬†(that’s just a bonus), I’m there to see Up Dharma Down,¬†Nada Surf, Neon Trees, and Temper Trap! ¬†All in one night! (there were more bands I didn’t mention)

And as expected, they totally rocked! Woohoo! I particularly fell in love with the performance of Neon Trees! They were realllllyyyy good. I didn’t expect them to be THAT good awesome! Their performance made me dance and jump up and down. Their voice quality was even much better live I couldn’t stop raving about it. ūüôā

Hub and I didn’t pay for our tickets cos they were given by a friend (thank you, Jap!), but even if we did pay P5,000 each, it would have been totally worth it! The bands were awesome and it was one great experience. Wanderland really brought out the inner hipster in me! ūüôā


Wanderful Night
Wanderful Night


P.S. Of course I was totally feeling the hipster vibe and wore my favorite boho-print shorts with matching boho-braids and the flower clip. [Outfit from H&M and Cotton On]

The first ever¬†Wanderland Music Fest¬†was a huge success! Kudos to¬†Karpos¬†and the sponsors! Can’t wait for what’s in store next year! ūüôā




Your Wandergirl,

♥ Abby Wasabi


Manila Goes Gaga

31 May

Five reasons why Manila went gaga over Gaga:

(1) ¬† CONTROVERSY. ¬†This I have to say can be considered one of the most controversial concerts ever held in Manila. ¬†With all the anti-Christ issues (hence the Church wanting to ban it) and rallies of moral groups even, it has been talked about for weeks. ¬†Celebrities, public figures, and even common citizens had their own varying opinions about it so¬†naturally,¬†it got¬†sensationalized. ¬†Good for Lady Gaga because ‘cos bad publicity is still publicity. ¬†Controversy = Popularity.

(2)   CURIOSITY.   In relation to the first reason, controversy led people to become more curious about the concert.  Even the non-fans became interested, wanting to have a glimpse of what the fuss was all about.  Even I can be classified as one of the curious cats.

(3) ¬† NEW ARENA. ¬† As if all the publicity was not enough, Lady Gaga’s concert was the first event held at the newest concert venue in Manila and it kept the fans and non-fans even more curious. ¬†The SM Arena is one of the biggest structures built in the Mall Of Asia Complex and we all wanted to see how it looked like for the first time. ¬†Personally, I found it nice and huge but a bit over rated and lacked the wow factor. ¬†I guess I expected too much ‘cos of the hype and all. ¬†Well, according to the management, it’s still not a hundred percent done so maybe it will have that wow factor when it’s completed. ¬†Looking forward to watching the UAAP games here! ūüôā

(4) ¬† PRODUCTION. ¬† Lady Gaga’s concerts are known to have all-out super grand production designs…this one’s no exception. ¬†It had an awesome set with really modern lighting. ¬†Main set was a huge castle/kingdom which looked very tedious to set up. ¬†She had her talented backup performers who were very good dancers. ¬†Special effects were¬†cool, up to date,¬†and it really had the works! ¬†Of course, Lady Gaga won’t be Lady Gaga without the outrageous dance¬†moves and avant-garde¬†outfits. ¬†The whole experience was like watching a grand musical, Grammy awards, Cirque Du Soleil, and a burlesque strip show altogether in one night. ¬†If I paid for my ticket (but I’m glad I didn’t), I think I’d be happy to be getting my money’s worth. P.S. Thank you, Debbie, for the free Patron tickets.

(5) ¬† MUSIC & ENTERTAINMENT. ¬†No matter how weird and “evil” they say she is, Lady Gaga is an ultimate performer. ¬†She sings well, she dances well, she can play¬†instruments, she engages people (especially gays haha). ¬†Though I’m really not a fan, I appreciate her as an artist. ¬†I may not agree with her “values” but her talent is unquestionable. ¬†Her music may not be that “inspiring” to me (especially that song Judas) but I was entertained! ¬†It would be a lie to say I didn’t enjoy the show.¬† It was entertaining to say the least.

Here are a few photos I took from the concert:

Just for the record, I completely understand the priests and devout Catholics who have violent reactions against Lady Gaga and her concert. ¬†There is definitely a lot of sex, violence, and blasphemy. ¬†I heard Jesus’ name several times. ¬†However, we cannot stop her from performing because she is an artist. ¬†Her expression of art may be different but we have to accept that not everyone will have the same level of respect we have for our faith and values.¬†¬†This doesn’t just apply to artists. Take for example our Muslim or Buddhist brothers and sisters. ¬†They have very “strange” beliefs and practices compared to ours but we shouldn’t judge and condemn them. ¬†Everything depends on the person. We have to give ourselves some credit and believe that our values will not change by merely watching a two-hour concert. ¬†ūüôā

Let’s try to be open-minded without comporomising our values. ūüôā


Gone Gaga for a day,

‚ô• Abby Wasabi