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Friday The 13th

14 Jul

Friday the 13th AM: I dropped my laptop on my foot and I drove to work with an injured big toe. COME ONNNN. 😦

Friday the 13th PM: Were you on the road Friday night??? You’re lukcy if you weren’t because traffic was TERRIBLE everywhere!!! Payday + Friday + Rain = bad combination. 

Okay enough of the rants.  Thank God the day ended nicely…

Good food was there to the rescue!  Good food will always calm me down. Haha! 🙂 Had dinner (late dinner that is) with my college friends Jackie, Audrey, Tam, and Jeff at STELLA.

Stella is a relatively new restaurant in Bonifacio Highstreet Central beside Cue. They have good food.  Although a bit pricey, the taste and quality made it worth the price, not to mention the big servings.  Their Ribs/Riblets were very tasty and good for three not one! I also liked my Gindara which was real soft and juicy. Too bad I wasn’t able to take photos of the food. We were seated outside where it was quite dark (boo!) and I only had my iPad with me. Sorry!

By the way, the resto is usually called Stella and the Rocketroom because the bar beside it (I think they have the same owners) is called Rocketroom. They have good music and drinks and I’m guessing it will be the next “it place” for yuppies. Will hang there next time. 🙂


After dinner, it started to get a bit noisy as we were seated outside, so we decided to have some dessert at SLICE. It was my third time at Slice and I still enjoyed the Choco-yema cupcake! Mmmm. Others say it’s too sweet, but you know me, I like sweet! 🙂 I also had chamomile tea which was a bad idea ‘cos I got really sleepy while driving. Uh oh!

It was a nice catch up sesh with my friends and a good way to cap off the night! Hoping we get to do this more often. 🙂




Lucky even on Friday the 13th,

Abby Wasabi