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Image 3 Aug

Eeeegghh! Just like my dog ♥

I miss you Obi-Wan!

Image 7 Jul

I EAT when I’m upset, I EAT when I’m happy… I just love to EAT EAT EAT ♥

Image 4 Jul

Hello, JULY! ☺

✺ Favorite junk food this July: Pringles Seaweed! Can’t get enough of it!

✺ Goal this July: Eat delicious breakfast every morning.  This morning I had really yummy Mornflake cereal.

✺ Sweet surprise: 4 dozens of beautiful red roses on top of our dining table one Sunday morning! ♥

✺ First of July: Dinner date at Kulinarya Rockwell with boyfie. That awesome appetizer was to die for! We also watched Transformers 3 with Mark & Mich.  Doubles part 2.

✺ July “Steady Sunday” @ Bar Dolci with Bessie for my favorite macarons ☺

Here’s to a fabulous month ahead!

(All photos are taken via Instagram for iPhone)

Image 29 Jun

Heehee adorable! 🙂

– Self-confessed former GEEK and proud of it

Image 1 Jun


Boyf and I got identical BBs (Bold 9780) as products of impulsive shopping! 🙂  We have to say goodbye to our iPhones though.  Well we haven’t sold them or anything yet but they’re now replaced. 😦 

Let’s BBM!

Image 25 May

I wish my doggie can braid my hair too HAHAHA!

Image 11 Apr

Oh wow I want a vintage closet like this! But 5x bigger though haha 🙂

Image 9 Nov

I miss my dog

Image 26 Sep

Cute 🙂 Belated happy birthday, Love

Image 8 Sep

Aww cute 🙂