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Ukokkei A-OK!

17 Jul

FOREVER CRAVING – this is how I feel towards Ukokkei Ramen. I’m ALWAYS craving for it! I can always eat it even if I’m alreay full (agh such a glutton)!

Like fries, French macarons, CPK salad, and Japanese cuisine, Ukokkei Ramen (well it is considered Japanese too) has joined the top notchers of my super favorite food list! 🙂

Ukokkei’s Tan Tan Men is just true love in a bowl. ♥ I am such a fan of the rich and spicy miso-based soup with roasted sesame oil! Very very tasty mmm. The perfectly cooked al dente noodles made it even more delectable. Talking about it now makes my tummy grumble. Perfect for rainy days! ☂ Actually, it can be my comfort food any time of day and any kind of day haha! 🙂


Tan Tan Men is just my ultimate fave but other dishes like the Seafood Ramen, Gyoza, and Spicy Prawns are dee-liciouss as well! 🙂

Visit Ukkokei Ramen Ron along Pasay Road in Makati and change your ramen life forever hahahaha! 🙂

Laters babes!



Ramen Ravin’,

Abby Wasabi